06 Dec 2016

App Prototyping: 5 merits that create a win-win scenario for your master plan

An app prototyping is the creation of a preliminary model from which other concepts and forms are built. It gives an insight into the features and functionality of the final design and product. This helps in evaluating the changes that are required to optimize user experience before they proceed with the development process.

Prototyping in the mobile app design process is a vital phase for all the designers.  It is significant for them to test their plans and ideas interactively to ensure productive results. It helps them to pre-examine the look and feel of the product and how it all fits with the purpose to begin with.

It also gets them closer to the characteristics and purpose of the final concept. Hence, this prototyping phase is indispensable before they plunge into their project and get the final design rolling. Prototypes help in bringing to life the 'mock' experience that designer would want from their consumers.

With the growing importance of app prototyping, the designers are adopting the concept of prototyping to create more coherent and exceedingly usable end products. 

The importance of embracing prototyping in the initial phase for app designing is many. The advantages vary from figuring out the potential issues, getting user trials to testing the idea, user interface and content structure. Both developers and clients spend that extra amount on prototyping so that they are able to ensure high level of effectiveness when the final product gets launched. They can explore all the features and solve any issues during the prototype stage, rather than uncovering and tracking them at a later phase when it might get too complicated to get them fixed. Here are the advantages of integrating app prototyping in the design phase. Testing product designs is as important as trying on shoes or clothes before buying.

Initiating a tedious-less development process App prototyping makes the coding process much easier. Since there is a mock version to work from, there is a higher possibility of getting the coding right. It unveils the look and the functionality of the app, as to how it is intended to work and look before it gets introduced.

Faster communication, Lower costs It is crucial for the clients and the developer to keep the app development costs to the minimum. Also, getting the app designed in a stipulated amount of time. App prototyping ensures both needs are successfully met. There are many experts and members involved in the mobile app development project. So, the more time they spend on creating the app, the more costly it will get. Having a prototype makes the communication process faster as to what needs to be added, changed or deleted.

Interaction between app and end user is the key Having a clickable and an interactive prototype aids in calculating and enhancing user experience. With the help of a prototype, the end users are able to understand the nature, features and interactions of the product. It gives them an insight into how the app is going to address their needs and problems. This allows them to give a more specific and a thorough feedback, which is extremely essential in designing the final and a fully functional product.

Authentication of design leverages innovation and creativity There are billions of mobile apps in the world today. Innovating and developing a new unique product is quite a challenging task. However, during the prototype stage, user interaction with the product facilitates novel and creative ideas. These ideas are then used to build the final product, which can either be improved or completely altered. This helps in meeting and achieving the project objectives and ensuring that the final product is unique, fresh and fulfills user expectations.

Gaining maximum value, minimum wastage App prototyping allow the designers to experiment with the app. It gives them the liberty to build their learning curve and misfire cheaply. It is also one of the most efficacious ways of understanding the usefulness of the mobile app project. By determining the potential flaws and solving them at an early stage, helps in minimizing wastage. Mobile apps are responsive and a small error in the development planning or implementation can really damage even an application with a great potential. This is one of the most significant reasons to authenticate the design of your app. Have a fantastic plan or idea for your next mobile app? Leave us a message. We can help you build a great app and ensure that your final product is unique and engaging.

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