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5 Requisites For Successfully Selling An App

December 06, 2017
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Developed an app and now wondering that how to make it popular among audiences?

Let's explore the best ways to sell your app on an app store.

App development is a complex process, but, selling it on the app store is also not an easy gig. In fact, its one of the most difficult things to do because the success of an app completely depends on how many people engage with it and how well you sell it.

Getting The App Approved By The App Store

The first vital step towards successfully selling an app is to get it approved by the app store. This implies careful treading around the app store's guidelines and curatorial restrictions.

There are certain rules and regulations imposed by each app store, and your app needs to strictly adhere to these guidelines. Email UsContact us to know more about Mobile + Web Apps Services +1 832 476 8459 Request for Services

Improving The App's Search Visibility

On the open web, where there are millions of app in every category, enhancing your app's search visibility is imperative. Most developers use the outdated SEO tricks like the unreadable repetition of the keywords, excessive keyword stuffing and link farming.

But, it isn't going to take you anywhere. The way things work in an app store is different.

Attaining high search visibility in an app store is difficult. So, I would advise you to optimize your app's visibility with a social media account like Facebook, Twitter etc. or with a website.

Rising To The Top Of The Charts In The App Store

One of the key parts of successfully selling the app is to make it climb the charts in the App store. Many people download an app from the app store on the basis of its placement and appearance at the top of the charts.

So, how do you reach the top of the charts?

One of the best ways to do it is by promoting your app on the specialized websites and blogs which post reviews as well articles about an app. Lookout for the top-notch app review sites and submit a review of your app on it.

Another vital factor that impacts climbing the charts is the number of app downloads in a specific time duration. If your app gets 50 downloads in one hour, and another app gets 100 downloads in the span of 24 hours, your app would be considered better by the app store's rating system. This implies that you should market your app simultaneously on multiple platforms to gain the attention of the users.

Consider App Store Optimization

ASO (App Store Optimization) includes elements like app descriptions, icons, app store specific keywords and the screenshots.

Most of the developers believe that SEO and ASO are similar, but, it's not true. Both use different strategies.

Listen To Your Users

The users are the ultimate consumers and if a product/app is developed as per their requirements, it can surely become a hit. While you do not need to implement every feature request, but must listen to what users have to say about your app.

Listening to users can reveal a lot of valuable insight that can help in improving the number of the downloads of the app.

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