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Receive assistance for creating and sending marketing emails, newsletters, marketing mailers, sales emails and promotional campaigns.

Effective communication is the backbone of corporate discourse. A good strategy helps you to send out regular emails highlighting your events, company news, special offers, discounts, new products, and referral programs.

BluEnt's corporate content is conceptualized and customized to match the linguistic preferences of your target audience and the accepted standard of communication within various industries.

We specialize in generating content that stimulates a positive visual response. BluEnt uses a host of creative graphics and multimedia to communicate clear and concise information.

Our email marketing services include:

  • Designing Custom and Responsive Email Marketing Template
  • Integration with CRM and Email Marketing Software
  • Email Marketing Campaign Automation
  • Opt-In Form
  • Copywriting
  • Email Tracking, Reporting, Subscribers and List Management
  • Email Marketing Software Consulting

Our solutions remodel the form, manner, and frequency of your ongoing online communications. This helps build, revive and establish your relationships.

How does emailing affect your business?

  • Communicates vital information such as new product launches or services through striking visuals and graphics.
  • Sets the tone of corporate communication.
  • Assures audience that the quality of your content complies with widely accepted practices.

We cater to fortune companies, tech companies, energy companies, construction companies, online magazines, mid-sized consulting firms and funded startups across the world. Want to start a great email marketing campaign? Contact us today! Email Us Know more about BluEnt's Email Marketing Services
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