Website Redesign for Woodland

About the Client - Woodland was founded in Quebec, Canada around twenty-five years ago. The company is recognized all over the world as one of the world's leading manufacturers of extreme weather outdoor gear and outerwear. Woodland offers an extensive line of footwear, performance apparel and outdoor gear. Woodland is one of few major outdoor industry brands in the world to have its own integrated manufacturing facilities. They wanted to redesign their existing website and approached BluEnt.

Woodland Case Study

Project Requirements

Woodland wanted an online medium to display their products and events. They wanted a user-friendly and efficient website and approached BluEnt with the following requirements:

User Friendly Interface: The client wanted an xHTML/ CSS based user-friendly website with professional feel. They wanted the website to be attractive and have flash effects

Inner Page Interface: The client provided us the content and wanted more that 20 inner pages (About Us, Products & Services, Clients, Manufacturing, Gallery, Contact Us etc.)

Banner: The client wanted an interactive Flash Banner

Custom Admin Panel: The client wanted a custom admin panel for Contact Us, Feedback and Registration form

Navigation: The navigation had to be kept user-friendly and simple

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): They wanted the website to match the Search Engine Optimization standards

Usable and accessible: The client wanted improved the usability and accessibility of the content

Stringent Deadlines: They gave us a tight time frame to finish the project


The BluEnt Approach

Discovery - We engaged a Technical Lead and HTML programmer led by the Project Manager to analyze the client's requirement and develop a project plan. We designed 3-4 demo templates for homepage and 2 demo templates for inner page in sync with the homepage design elements. We revised until the client was satisfied and finalized the templates.


  • We followed UX Specifications very closely and developed xHTML/CSS based component for the website.
  • We used the right click disable function while development.
  • Our Flash Designer developed an excellent Flash Banner for the client's inner page interface.
  • We used the company specific color pattern for the website design.
  • We also provided Flash based client location using action script.

Integration - We integrated jQuery based custom plug-ins for managing the website's large gallery, drop down menus, for scrolling the client banner and also for managing Contact Us, Registration and Feedback form.

Search Engine Optimization - We wrote SEO friendly code to optimize the page ranking of the website.

Navigation - The navigation of the website was kept simple and user-friendly.


The client was happy with the project management, quality and our timely delivery. The project was delivered to them as per their expectations. BluEnt is proud of its association with Woodland and to be a part of their success.

BluEnt used Adobe Suite, XHTML, CSS 2.1, JavaScript

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