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About SunPower

SunPower is a global leader in solar innovation. SunPower has been developing record-breaking solar technology since the 1970s.

Their history, over these decades, has been marked by creativity, craftsmanship and confidence. SunPower is the solar energy choice of homeowners and businesses around the world.

Project Requirements

SunPower required web development services. The company wanted a local presence for their global website.

Their target audience was based in Israel, which meant that the website would be in Hebrew. Sunpower needed HTML prototyping as well as implementation of an advanced CSS.

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The BluEnt Approach
  • Analyze: As a leading web development company, BluEnt offered custom website design services to SunPower.

    Our HTML5 experts reviewed the coding structure of We got a report on the functionalities and information architecture with our team of UX designers.

    Our team also prepared a detailed report on the existing HTML format, CSS features and Javascript. This phase identified and analyzed critical areas and their impacts on the website.

  • Restructure: We restructured and enhanced the CSS to improve the usability and accessibility of the content.

  • Right-to-left (RTL) language support: Hebrew is an RTL language, wherein, writing begins from the right side of the page and continues to the left. We aligned the CSS to support an RTL language.

  • Discover: The UX team discovered that the features had to be restructured to match the coding format in Hebrew.

  • Modify: We made the necessary modifications in the CSS files to replicate the functionalities in the SunPower global website.

  • Integrate: We provided xHTML/CSS in Hebrew. We integrated jQuery plugins for ‘Scrolling Banners’ and ‘Modal Popup for Video.’

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  • Adobe Suite

  • CSS

  • JavaScript

  • JQuery

  • our HTML programming skills

  • Javascript

  • advanced CSS capability for Sunpower

Maximum Value. Achieved.

BluEnt believes in exceptional, timely services for all our clients. We leave no stone unturned for them.

The teams communicated daily during all the phases. Online and offline feedback sharing and response systems were active.

During these conversations, our team was in consultative learning sessions with the team at Sunpower about the various aspects of the final web product.

These sessions led to the exchange of recommendations and the result was a highly improved version of the originally proposed navigational structure.

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