Orion Holdings Ltd.

Orion Holdings Ltd.

About Orion Holdings Ltd.

Orion Holdings Ltd. is a global trader of marine fuels, lubricants and cargos offering bespoke services to suit customers’ energy needs. Orion guarantees high-quality products and excellent standards of customer service.

Established in 1999, Orion is one of the most reliable partners in the industry, acting as a trader/broker worldwide.

The client approached BluEnt for logo and website design.

Orion Holdings Ltd.
Project Requirements

The client approached BluEnt for logo and website design with the following features:

  • Approximately 30 general content pages (like About Us, Our Team, Testimonials, News, Contact, Sitemap, Services and Inquiry). All content was to be provided by the client.

  • Each website section was to have a similar look and feel as the rest of the website, with some pages having a unique page layout.

  • The website had to be scalable for future add-ons and development to remain current with modern website trends.

  • Appealing look yet simple navigation system.

  • Easy accessibility of content.

  • Hosting solutions.

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The BluEnt Approach
  • BluEnt had several meetings with the client to understand their requirements.

  • Designed logos and templates for the homepage and inner pages and revised them until the client was satisfied.

  • Our graphics designer developed an excellent flash banner for their homepage, with music in the background.

  • Developed custom plug-ins for managing the website’s large gallery.

  • Integrated Ajax plug-in to switch the navigation design page wise.

  • Provided custom plug-ins to handle the website’s image gallery.

  • The website was user friendly and had an easy and attractive navigation system.

  • Improved usability and accessibility of content was provided.

  • Integrated extensive Google maps features like markers and viewpoints on the website.

  • The content section was divided as follows:

    • Activity Outline

    • Area of Supply

    • Market Price

    • UAE Ports

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  • Creative Suites

  • CorelDraw

Maximum Value. Achieved.

BluEnt believes in exceptional, timely services for all our clients. We leave no stone unturned for them.

The client appreciated our development approach.

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