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The Luxury Marketing Council is a business-building, revenue-generating global community of CEOs and CMO's.

It is a leader in luxury marketing, setting the gold standard for intelligent exploration of the best marketing practices and trends and inspiring brands to creatively and profitably work together.

The Luxury Marketing Council also serves as a forum for the discussion of critical issues, trends and best practices in relationship marketing, advertising, public relations, loyalty programs, special events, interactive and other integrated marketing communications.

Luxury Marketing Council Case Study

Project Requirements

Every enterprise has a singular motive behind building a web-based knowledge-presence, and the Luxury Marketing Council is no exception. They wanted to:

  • Redefine online marketing strategy goals to achieve the website goals
  • Generate traffic
  • Be searchable and easily found on Google
  • Encourage participants to collaborate for partnership

BluEnt's Method

BluEnt was selected to plan, design and build the new website for the Luxury Marketing Council, Texas.

The new website had to include many features to give information to registered members and clients about the latest marketing projects, upcoming seminars, events, whitepapers, etc.

It also had to include marketing strategies for luxury products and be quick and easy to update.

Infrastructure Creation

A system that could easily store track, update and validate knowledge files (articles, images, PDFs, documents, webinars, etc.).

Knowledge Management

  • Structured Knowledge: We structured the rich repository.
  • Organization: Data needed to be organized and indexed to be able to have fast and reliable access. Articles needed to be accessed in more than one way. Updates and notifications were to be sent to registered members and clients automatically.
  • Security: This is one of the most important aspects of the knowledge-base design. Multiple layers of security were incorporated and strict roles were defined for administrators, members, contributors and clients.
  • Encourage Contribution: We designed a user-friendly interface that made it easy for knowledge researchers and problem solvers to add their experiences. The newly designed home page acknowledges and encourages user-dedicated columns such as "Topics of the Month" or "Latest Happenings in the World of Fashion and Luxury".
  • Encourage Usage: We incorporated easy-to-use and informative search tools to save time and cost to encourage users.
  • Knowledgebase Maintenance: To help maintain the backend, we provided a well-maintained knowledge base and a useful repository of data updating, purging and other functions.
  • Maintenance Roles: Maintenance roles were defined and resources and responsibilities were allocated.

BluEnt supported LMC's broad-based initiative to improve website marketability by providing predictable and high-quality results from our software consulting and project delivery services.

The keys to our success include our delivery capabilities, i.e., on time and in budget, while meeting client's expectations. Our experienced and dedicated personnel accomplished this project successfully.

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