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Little Pim

About Little Pim

Little Pim Corporation, founded in 2006 by Julia Pimsleur, is a NYC-based foreign language learning company. It develops and delivers foreign language learning series for babies, toddlers and preschoolers in the United States as well as internationally.

The company’s language-learning video series, applications, music CDs, education DVDs, books, flash cards, hand-drawn word and phrase cards, toys, and gift sets are available in various languages.

Little Pim
Project Requirements

The company wanted a website to offer their products online. They wanted the following features in the website:

Front End:

  • The website was to be an attractive combination of videos and images that would depict the product in an exciting and pleasant manner in sync with the overall image that the client wished to maintain

  • The navigation of the website had to be simple and direct

  • An easy to navigate shopping cart that would allow the users to purchase the desired products with ease

  • At the time of the purchase, a user must mention the kind of user they are (reseller, distributor or general). The quantity was to be limited per user – maintained in the admin console

Administration Console:

  • This had to allow the administrator to view the database and sort the fields according to the field names

  • The administrator had to be able to view all the entries that were made to the database

  • All communication with the company had to be stored in the database as well as sent as an email to an email account assigned by the user

  • Up to 3 periodical reports had to be generated through various tools

Back End:

  • A Payment Gateway had to be integrated with the shopping cart to enable the completion of the online purchase process

  • A Management System had to be created to allow the administrator to monitor the available products and create new categories as well as upload images for each category

  • The Management System interface had to be very simple to use

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The BluEnt Approach
  • BluEnt used WordPress technology to maintain the content of site so that client could add and edit their content in future.

  • Designed the template for the entire site.

  • Created registration and login based system to purchase the product.

  • Added social icon and review form to get the feedback from the buyers.

  • Added payment method (PayPal, Amazon) to the site

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  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JavaScript

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The client was happy with the project delivery and the approach we followed. The project was delivered as per expectations.

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