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Janki Devi Memorial College (JDMC) is a prestigious college of Delhi University. The college caters to students of Humanities and Commerce streams.

Over the years, the college has built up an impressive infrastructure consisting of a fully automated library system, a computer centre, a well-equipped seminar room, an open-air auditorium, a modern cafeteria, a medical room, a sports room and a modernized office block.

JDMC wanted to manage most of their college information in an efficient manner through a static website that was simple and fast.

DJH Mechanical Services Inc
Project Requirements
  • The client wanted to manage most of their college information in an efficient manner through a static website that is simple and fast.

  • Each website section was to have a similar look and feel as the rest of the website.

  • 20 general content pages (such as: about us, contact us, media gallery etc). All content was to be provided by the client.

  • The client wanted content specific pages that provide satisfactory information to their users, mainly students.

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The BluEnt Approach

BluEnt chose a user-friendly interface to design the templates. BluEnt used “useMap” feature of an image to show the navigations that looked aesthetic and pleasant.

  • All templates were well designed and identical. They were divided into three sections i.e. first was “Navigation Section”, second “Content Section” and third was “Static Image Section”.

  • We integrated JavaScript functions with most of internal pages to navigate to other links. We included all the charms to make the look and feel much better.

  • We provided Download functionality for college forms, Calendar, Activity/Events, Internal Assessment, Sports and Alumnae sections for students.

  • We implemented navigations and menus in a way so that most of college information was covered in them.

  • We showed images in Image Gallery by serializing them in numbers. We ensured the content showed perfectly in bullets and paragraphs with a good design format.

  • Mailto functionality on Contact Us page for users was implemented.

  • We provided hosting solutions as well.

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  • Adobe Suite

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JavaScript

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