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About iPeerGRID

Committed to “enabling global peer collaboration” securely across all industries and business functions, iPeerGrid is a pioneer in online networking.

The collaboration portal allows individual and business communities to exchange ideas and practices with peer members, thus building a collective intelligent database.

It has similar features to Facebook™ and is used by 40,000+ global IBM employees to interact with each other, set meetings, etc.

iPeer GRID
Project Requirements

The client wanted to develop a collaboration portal. It is an intelligent task and requires robust architecture and application.

iPG looked for effective ways to collaborate on a global scale and build a secure system. BluEnt stepped in to bring this concept to life.

  • How it works: iPeerGrid allows executives and managers across all industries and business functions to collaborate. Members submit a question to the network specifying that they want the inquiry to go to peers, all industries, or only the peer industry.

The request is then sent via email to all targeted parties in the network based on their individual profiles.

Replies are made by clicking a link in the email that takes the user to a reply form. The requester can then view all responses posted to the inquiry by logging back into the IPG site.

The site will display the user’s request ID and all responses. All IPG members will have a personal profile and log in. The site will also allow consultants and software vendors to join, make inquiries and post content.

IPG members will be able search the content based on keywords. They will also be able to sign up for webinars or request that a webinar be set up.

The website would have the following types of users:

  • Visitors

  • Members (can be industry users [business], consultants or software vendors)

  • Administrators

Visitors can view limited portions of the website. Members can view modules as per their membership. Administrators can manage whole content of the website.

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The BluEnt Approach

BluEnt deployed a team of web professionals and technical experts to carefully study the requirements.

We studied and documented the screen-by-screen flow of the application, which took form into a neat and robust solution in ASP way back in 2004.

The application needed an upgrade to the latest technologies and was migrated into ASP.NET and MS SQL with additional features and modules.

BluEnt built the application based on MVC architecture using the Table Adapter Pattern.

The application used AJAX to increase usability and improve customer experience.

The portal had an effective search engine to find reports and research “On the Grid” and an admin tool to keep the portal updated.

BluEnt’s experienced web professional and technical experts offered the following services:

  • Custom Application Development

  • User-Friendly Collaboration Portal

  • Effective Search Function

  • Efficient Admin Tool

  • Secure Data Transmission Process

  • High-Speed Download

  • Separate Layer for Design and Application

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  • MVC Architecture

  • Table Adapter Pattern

  • .NET Framework, ASP.Net

  • C#, SQL Server, AJAX

Maximum Value. Achieved.

The client was happy with the project management, quality and timely delivery. The project was delivered to them as per their expectations.

iPeerGrid evolved into a user-friendly application amongst large corporations as an internal communication and networking tool.

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