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About Horses for Sources (Hfs) Ver-2

HfS Research is the foremost advisory analyst firm and social networking community, focused on helping enterprises make complex decisions with their business process and IT outsourcing strategies. With 50,000 subscribers, HfS Research is the most visited global collaborative community platform in the global services industry, providing rapid and insightful commentary, analysis and debate of enterprise outsourcing dynamics. The organization is unique in the fact that it integrates personable social networking with market research and advisory services.

The HfS mission is to provide a unique environment for collective research, opinion, experience and knowledge across the global outsourcing industry, and to help enterprises explore new performance thresholds. Led by industry expert Phil Fersht, the HfS Research team is a multi-disciplinary group of analysts across North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific regions, with deep domain knowledge in Business Process Outsourcing, Information Technology Services and Cloud Business Services.

Horses for Sources
Association with BluEnt

BluEnt got associated with HfS almost six years back in year 2011 and provided services to HfS till March 2016. BluEnt team has shown tremendous response for all client’s requirements be it in the coding structure, hosting or any and other standards and provided the best solution to HfS at every step. From development team to testing team and from Infra team to Management, entire team was available to fulfil client’s needs

BluEnt takes care of all HfS website activities that includes:

  • Website Design and Development

  • Application Development

  • Website Maintenance

  • Microsites

  • Blog

  • HfS Events, etc

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Journey from Joomla to Drupal

Initially BluEnt started with HfS Drupal website maintenance. In middle of the year 2012, Client approached BluEnt to redesign their Drupal website. BluEnt developed and migrated the website to Joomla Content Management System

In 2015, Client again approached BluEnt to migrate HfS website design and functionality from Joomla to Drupal and asked to provide recommendation for better and secure hosting server. The main thing client wanted is the flexibility to keep the site very secure and updated. So, while the Joomla site has lots of custom code, they need to do away with that and ensure (1) all the functionality is maintained, (2) every bit of content is managed (no manual updates for everything and (3) the site back end is simpler to operate.

BluEnt provided best suggestions/ recommendations on technology, and hosting services that client found good enough. BluEnt succeeded to develop and migrate the Joomla website to Drupal Content Management System and also helped to move Racking space hosting to AWS hosting environment.

While creating and developing HFS website, BluEnt team faced few challenges like implementing Menu TABS as per the design provided and implementing the same in the responsive state. Download reports on the basis of top researches and top users, Toggle Button for Research Graphic and Text Version, HFS TV page you tube videos, etc. were also challenging.

BluEnt team researched and analyzed the features and succeeded to deliver all the required functionality timely with Quality.

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  • Apache

  • Lynx base Server

  • Drupal Stable Version V-7.36

  • PHP 5.2.5 or higher (5.4 or higher recommended).

  • MySQL 5.0.15 or higher with PDO

Maximum Value. Achieved.

BluEnt believes in exceptional, timely services for all our clients. We leave no stone unturned for them.

Uninterrupted support & back-up: On occasion Kwela has experienced server outages – twice with data loss. First, with Colligo, the consultants were able to just keep working, unaffected. Second, Kwela also discovered that they could use the local files on consultants’ laptops to replace any lost files on the server which became a huge value-add on for Alsbridge.

Superior performance: The Colligo app eliminates network latency and time outs by caching content locally for the best possible performance. Syncing is done in the background, which means that work continues uninterrupted.

Ease of use: Colligo delivers the usability expected from a desktop app – such as ‘drag and drop’ function of files to SharePoint with prompts for required metadata to ensure that everything is properly tagged and classified.

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