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Website Redesign and Content Management System Development for GreatSkin

About the Client is a leading online beauty products retailer, offering skincare products and cosmetics along with customized skincare solutions for all types of skin conditions. Along with 1000 special and exclusive products on its website, the company provides a detailed customized online skin analysis program. GreatSkin’s customized approach to skin care, deep discounts, rewards program and frequent sales have given it an edge above others in the industry.

Website Target Audience

  • Target audience of the website are 80% women and 20% men between 15-80 years.
  • Most are in the 45-65 age group and health and beauty conscious. They are generally well educated and already informed about skincare, affluent with expendable incomes (probably make 80-150K or more per year)
  • Athletics who enjoy all extracurricular activities, the gym and love taking care of themselves

Business Challenges

  • A major drop in sales due to increasing number of retail skincare websites
  • The existing website was not user friendly
  • Poor navigation and display of content
  • Lack of proper information related to products
  • Low quality product images
  • Slow page loading
  • High rate of shopping cart abandonment

Project Requirements

They approached to BluEnt and sought advice and solutions in the following areas (Below are excerpts from the client’s email):

  • We have a frequent Buyers Club
  • We have around 11K loyal customers whom we send emails for specials offers through Lyris list manager (e-mail blasts)
  • We have about 750 products (poorly categorized), with a shopping cart, free shipping over 120 cities
  • We need to store each clients profile of what they ordered, cumulatively with the company, forever
  • That database needs to be searchable by the client
  • Each product should display Star (*) rating atop the product and users can click and rate the product
  • A blog showing tips on how to get Great Skin and GreatSkin products
  • Social Media API Integration like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube
  • A user-friendly administrator panel so that staff can upload new product, write and edit product information to the website
  • We need an email marketing strategy and Google optimization strategy. We have lost market share, lost Google standing, essentially lost everything in the past two years
  • Promote the exclusive feature of Skin analysis by using friendlier tools and interface

The BluEnt Approach

We had several round of discussions to understand their business goals, website requirements and how to implement the same across the different platforms.


BluEnt engaged Project Manager, Technical Lead and HTML programmer to analyze their requirements and develop a project plan for easy migration of the existing content management system to Joomla Content Management System

Logo and Template Design:

  • We enhanced the look and feel of their existing logo
  • We developed creative templates for Homepage and Innerpage. The website required different types of innerpage templates showing products listing page, product description page, skin analysis program page, shopping cart page
  • We developed a simple yet interesting navigation system to retail all products instantly as most online sales happen from the Home Page

CMS Development

  • Improved Categorization: We developed a robust content management system (CMS) in Joomla for easy content management including images, products information. With content management system, we organized and placed each product under specified categories of Brand, Treatment, Product Type and Body Area.
  • Simple Admin Panel: Convenient administration panel to enable easy back end processes like tracking orders, shipments, adding products & coupons, categorizing products, customer interaction via newsletters, bulk e-mails and more
  • Rich User Experience: Offering clients a user friendly experience where they can view their history of purchases, track their orders, rate products, compare products and avail special discounts


  • Integrate the Joomla Shopping module for their ecommerce section. We developed a user friendly Shopping Cart and introduced a Wishlist Cart.
  • All products bought can be placed together for payment by clicking ‘Add to Cart’. And a virtual cart ‘Add to Wishlist’ stores all the products that the client wishes to buy later from the website. Both found easily along with the details of the product
  • User must be logged in to commence the payment process. The user should remain on the site throughout the payment process

Develop Custom Skin Analysis Program: We enhanced their existing Skin Analysis procedure offering easy-to-use interface. We developed a simple form that generates quick and personalized analysis from the dermatologists, beauticians and aestheticians

Blog and Commenting System: An interactive Blog and Commenting System for the clients to share their inputs on products and specific problems to increase the interaction with existing and potential clients

Data Migration Process: It was a challenging task to migrate the data of 20 years old website.BluEnt developed a secured and reliable data migration plan to move existing content, customers and their data to the new website. We developed a reverse-migration plan just in case if there are any unexpected errors. We successfully migrated the stored information of the clients and products to the new platform

Quality Assurance: GreatSkin was concerned about the quality. BluEnt developed Quality Assurance Plan to thoroughly test the bugs and defects. BluEnt developed and distributed a QA plan to all team members required to perform QA. We conducted regular meetings with all of those working on the application and set their QA responsibilities and overall schedule

Users Manual Development: BluEnt developed a comprehensive documentation of the code and platform used to build the software application. Step-by-step instructions were listed in the "Application Developer Guide". Each step was explained in detail in the corresponding section of the template.

Internet Marketing Strategy: We ran Google campaign and PPC campaign for GreatSkin. We execute their social media campaign and have realized high increase in products orders

Search Engine Optimization: Our SEO strategy has helped the client to recover the Google standing and increase sale by 300% within 6 months after the new website became live.

Latest Features - Pictures in the Album Folder

  • Added new payment gateway @Pay checkout that makes all the future shopping simple and secure. Instant two click web-checkouts right on the product page. This gateway allows users to purchase products direct from their email, just a 2-Click process which is secure and robust. Purchases can be made on any device.
  • This payment gateway has been added to the GS Newsletter as well. Users need to Sign up for GreatSkin's newsletter and experience NEW 2-Click email checkout. They can make a purchase on phone, tablet, or PC without ever leaving the email. (No additional apps to download.)
  • @Pay 2-Click transactions remove the hassle of entering payment information every time you checkout. None of the payment info is ever contained in an @Pay 2-Click transaction eliminating any risk.
  • Data feed integration with third party companies like Pricefall and Sears
  • FAX Module that gives facility to users to purchase without sharing their Credit Card details or any secured information.

Technology Used

  • PHP5
  • MySql Server5.4.x
  • Linux
  • Apache

Results. Achieved.

The client was happy with the BluEnt approach. They appreciated our professionalism and responsiveness. BluEnt is proud of its association with GreatSkin and to be a part of their success. This partnership has lasted years and continues to do so.


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