GK Construction

GK Construction

About GK Construction

GK Construction pays great attention to design details, material quality and the environment in which the building is situated.

They devote equal importance and attention to soil testing, structural integrity, materials, energy management, landscaping and conventional functions.

GK Construction
Project Requirements

The client approached BluEnt with the following requirements:

  • Logo design

  • An aesthetically pleasing website with the following features:

    • Flash effects

    • 20 general content pages (such as: about us, services, projects, contact us). All content was to be provided by the client

    • Improved usability and accessibility of the content

    • Hosting solutions

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The BluEnt Approach
  • Understood the client company’s services, values, target customers, and vision, and began to work on the logo design and the new site’s structure.

  • Showed 3–4 logo designs to the client and they chose the one that suited them the best.

  • Different templates for the homepage and inner pages were shown to the client. Revisions were done until the client finalized the templates.

  • Developed the front page as a jumping point to other web pages.

  • Designed the entire website including background graphics and images.

  • The website was user-friendly and had easy navigation.

  • Different page types ranging from static to dynamic to facilitate easy management of content were created.

  • Developed custom plug-ins for managing the website’s large gallery.

  • Provided hosting solutions.

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  • HTML

  • CSS

Maximum Value. Achieved.

BluEnt believes in exceptional, timely services for all our clients. We leave no stone unturned for them.

The client was happy with the project delivery and the approach we followed.

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