GEMS – Payroll System

GEMS – Payroll System

About GEMS – Payroll System

Ontario Consumers is a leading provider of high-quality and energy-efficient water heaters, air furnaces, air conditioners & duct work in Ontario, Canada.

GEMS – Payroll System
Project Requirements

Ontario Consumers is a rapidly growing company employing over 400 employees across 10 locations throughout Ontario.

The management at Ontario Consumers wanted to develop a Payroll Management System with marketing and sales dashboard to track sales, improve sales performance and manage sales commission.

Desired Features:

  • Customized and user-friendly dashboards for management

  • Graphical Views supported by Charting Detail

  • Drill-down Capability for instant analysis:

    • Geo (Area / Sales Location)

    • Product

    • Time period

  • Track & Report Sales Performance

  • Review Marketing Effectiveness

  • Export to Excel and Import from Excel features

  • Updated from Sales Area with Sales Location detail

  • At-a-glance Performance (Top product sales in both volume or amount)

  • Drill-down Filters  (daily basis, monthly basis, quarterly basis in both graphical or statistical view)

  • Budget, Attainment and Pipeline Coverage detail

  • View Sales Commission against Individual Sales Person

  • View Paid and Outstanding Sales Commission

  • Comprehensive Analytics Framework for

  • Business Insights : Assess Sales Performance, Trajectory and Plan Interventions

  • Sales figure and sales budget charts

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The BluEnt Approach

BluEnt was asked to develop some mockups to make the client understand their requirements.

We were asked to create a logo for this payroll management tool.

BluEnt came up with a concept called – ‘GEMS’. We developed responsive template and side by side started database design and development.

We followed several rounds of revisions as the client’s requirements were changing on daily basis.

We developed a user-friendly portal with easy user interface keeping in mind that the portal will be used by sales persons and staff who don’t have technical knowledge.

We divided the project into different modules.

  • User Module

  • Product Module

  • Sales Module

  • Payroll Module

  • Report Module

User Module

User module is divided into two sections based on the level of permission:


Administrator has the privilege to create, edit and delete anything in the payroll application system. They have privileges to view sales record of their supporting staff. Admin can define the roles and permission level for each individual. They can assign or remove role of the supporting staff.


User doesn’t have full privileges. Users can enjoy only those privileges that they are authorized to. They can only create or edit if they have been assigned permission by administrator. They can only view their sales details. User section allows the admin to define roles and access level for each individual. (See figure in Gems Album for user creation and role assignment.)

Product Module

  • Products List: In this section, both admin and users are able to view the list of products available immediately.

  • Add/Edit Products: Only admin has permission to add new products and edit the existing products. Admin can export and import the list of products in excel format. If admin assigns the permission to other users, they can add and edit the products.

Sales Module

  • Sales Lists: Admin can view the sales done by all sales persons and supporting staff. Individuals can only view their own sales data.

  • Create and Edit Sales Data: Admin can edit and change the sales record whenever required. If users are permitted to edit, they will be able to edit their sales records.

Payroll Module:

Payroll modules allow admin to calculate the payroll and view the payment made to the sales persons or users.

  • Calculate Payroll: Here admin can calculate the payroll of user or supporting staff on the basis of their sales.

  • Approve Payroll: Admin or managers can view the calculated payroll of their team members and can approve or disapprove the payroll calculated.

Report Module

Payroll Report

In this section, management can view the sales report or payroll details and the Rep Rate Class where commission rate for each product is defined.

  • Payroll Details: Managers can view the payroll details of each individual. They can view the total commission of each supporting staff or users based on products they have sold. User can only see his individual sales commission.

  • Payroll Summary: Managers can select any particular date, week, month or time period to view the payroll summary of any individual. They can view the total commission of each supporting staff or user. User can only view his own commission. Users cannot view the old records beyond a time frame.

  • Product Summary: Managers can see the products summary of each supporting staff or user. They can view how much commission has been paid to the supporting staff for which product. They can select the month range on which they want to see the product commission of each supporting staff or user. Users can see only their own details.

  • Rep History: Managers can view history of sales commission of each supporting staff and member.

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  • CakePHP 5.x

  • PHP5

  • MySql Server5.4.x

  • Linux

  • Apache

Sales Report

Sales dashboard shows managers the sales of their products on daily and weekly basis in both volume and amount.

  • Daily Sales: Managers can see the daily sales report in both graphical and statistical view.

  • Sales Details: Managers can see the sales details of individual or group.

  • Sales by Unit: Managers can view the sales of the product by unit in both graphical and statistical view

  • Sales by Amount:  Managers can view the sales of the product by amount in both graphical and statistical view.

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The client was happy with our work. The dashboard was responsive and user-friendly. BluEnt team members received accolades from Ontario Consumers Home Services.

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