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Film District

About Film District

FilmDistrict is a leading distribution, acquisition, co-production and feature film financing entity designed to bring commercially viable films to target audiences across the United States. The company focuses its efforts on wide release films from prominent filmmakers with notable casts.

Run by CEO Peter Schlessel, FilmDistrict houses a top-tier leadership team possessing a rich background in both independent and major studio distribution platforms.

This breadth of experience offers filmmakers and producers a comprehensive viewpoint on how best to market and distribute each film.

The company’s independent ownership structure allows FilmDistrict to be innovative and agile in today’s ever-evolving and competitive marketplace.

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Project Requirements

Film District needed a web platform where they could promote their media and business information regarding upcoming movies, presently playing ones, filmography, news, etc.

The client approached BluEnt for an attractive Flash-based website that was search engine optimized to:

  • Promote business & reach out more business synapses

  • Attract customers

  • Do away with geographical and time constraints

  • Gain competitive advantage

  • Enter into a dialogue with customers

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The BluEnt Approach

We followed a three-step approach in creating the website design:

  • Intro and Meet the Client: During the pre-design stage we:

    • Gained a deep understanding of the client company’s services, values, target customers and vision

    • Began to consider the new site’s architecture/structure

The information we collected in the pre-design stage helped us decide:

  • The website’s primary goals

  • What story we wanted the site to tell

  • How the site would be organized

  • What type of information visitors would be most interested in

  • What we wanted to encourage website visitors to do upon arriving at the new website

Template Design

  • On the basis of site goals, requirements, the vision and the story the client wanted to tell, we designed 4 homepage templates.

  • Upon completing and receiving approval from the client for homepage design, we designed 2 inner pages for approval before moving forward.

  • The thorough pre-planning ensured everyone was on the same page at every step.

After the client approved and signed off on the homepage and internal pages design, the HTML pages development stage began.

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  • PhotoShop

  • HTML

  • JavaScript

Maximum Value. Achieved.

BluEnt believes in exceptional, timely services for all our clients. We leave no stone unturned for them.

The client was happy with the project delivery and the approach we followed. The project was delivered to them as per their expectations.

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