Deacon Jeff

"The BluEnt team were very easy and nice to work with. Any issue that I had, they addressed it promptly and thoroughly. My team will be working with BluEnt again."
Karey Baggett, Project Coordinator
Deacon Jeff

About Deacon Jeff
Deacon Jeff Drzycimski actively participates in talks about Catholic teachings, faith stories, and apologetics. His talks involve people of all ages and are predominantly conducted at missions, retreats, parishes, luncheons, and conferences.

He is also the host of a non-profit corporation called The Catholic Café and faithfully presents Catholic teachings to fallen-away Catholics and non-Catholics with excellent radio shows and podcasts. is a medium to connect him with parishes or groups on the Catholic faith.

Deacon Jeff Case Study

Project Requirements

A constant discourse has helped in highlighting the following tasks:

  • Custom theme creation in WordPress: The client provided the web design layout in a PSD file. BluEnt's web developers converted the file into HTML5 so that the theme could be easily installed in CMS, WordPress.
  • Design Integration in WordPress
  • Enable Responsive Web Design: The website required crafting to provide an optimal user experience, including easy navigation and readability with minimum resizing and scrolling across all screen sizes (such as desktop, smartphones, and tablets).
  • Testing & Project Review

The BluEnt's Approach

Our approach is tailor-made to the client's needs and demands. We followed the below-mentioned steps to achieve our project goals:

  • Gathering information - Helped us gain a concrete understanding of the purpose, goals, target audience, content type, and other requirements of the client.
  • Brainstorming discussions - Internal and external discussions aided us in defining the client's expectations and delivering the best results. For instance, the client shared the static layouts (horizontal and vertical) separately for the desktop, smartphone, and tablet during discussions. This enabled us to create a plan before the development stage.
  • Planning - Helped in structuring the development strategies and processes for better execution. Planning allowed us to create a solution beforehand for all the "how tos" of the project.
  • Developing - This is the stage where most of the practical action happened, such as WordPress installation, creation of an interactive contact form, staging server setup for the client's reviewing process for the progress, and HTML & CSS web templates. The website design and colors were the client's choice, and we adhered to ADA standards in all the areas we could.
  • Testing & Final Delivery - Every aspect, such as the seamless functionality of the website pages, speed, navigation, page URLs, favicons and even the interactive contact form, was checked thoroughly. The functionality of the website on different browsers, devices and servers were tested before going live.

Technology Solutions

  • Photoshop
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • WordPress
  • PHP: 5.6.39
  • MySQL


Our web developers got slightly muddled while developing an interactive and responsive website, because it had to work stunningly well on multiple screen sizes of desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Despite taking longer hours to develop and test, our team was determined to create a website that was impeccably functional while retaining high-quality design.

Usually, it takes two times the time required to make a regular website to create a responsive one. Developing a responsive website, however, is a long-term cost-effective solution for every business.

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