About Alsbridge

Alsbridge Network Services Group (NSG) is the #1 network sourcing advisory firm in the world by transaction volume. They average 100+ full network procurement engagements per year plus approximately 50 ancillary engagements that include network benchmarking, rate reviews, transformation, engineering, analysis, optimization and TEM engagements. They deal in the following network services:

  • Wire line

  • Wireless

  • Voice

  • Data

  • Local, International, Global

  • Audio, Video, and Web Conferencing

  • Internet, Access, Ethernet, Broadband

  • Converged IP

  • Unified Communications

  • Managed Services

  • Co-Location Services

First Outsourcing
Project Requirements

Over the last few years, Alsbridge has seen unprecedented growth and has been setting up offices in various countries. With the growing number of procurement engagements and its bid details & prices, Alsbridge Network Services Group wanted to manage and monitor all this from a central management tool and approached BluEnt for an efficient, effective and user-friendly Engagement Details Management System (CPI-Reporting) with the following requirements:

  • Systematic Management: The client wanted to manage their huge amount of data from a central management tool in a systematic manner.

  • Quick and Secure: They wanted the tool to help users get any information in less time and a secured way.

  • Analytics and Insights:The client wanted to incorporate the following charts to extract important information from data and improve efficiency.

  • Scatter Diagrams: These charts show cause and effect relationships to search the root cause of an identified problem. They help to design a control system to ensure consistent gains from quality improvement efforts.

  • Trend Charts: They help to measure the rate of increase in the share price over time and provide alerts for any acceleration or deceleration of the trend. Trend lines are a simple and widely used technical analysis approach to judge entry and exit investment timing.

  • Time Efficient: They wanted the tool to reduce time contributed for processing & managing of data and report creations.

  • User- Friendly: They wanted a simple and user- friendly system.

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The BluEnt Approach

We had several rounds of discussion with the client to understand their requirements. We converted the PSD given by the client in HTML and side by side worked on database structure designing and development. BluEnt divided the project in 3 major modules – Reporting Module, Data Input Module and User Module. We initially began to work on Reporting Module as per the client’s request. Database was already maintained by the client in MS SQL Server.

Reporting Module

This system allows the user to generate the following quarterly customized reports:

  • Trend Charts

  • Scatter Charts

  • Product Tables

  • NSG Reports (Network Services Group)

  • Trend Charts: They help to measure the rate of increase in the share price over time and provide alerts for any acceleration or deceleration of the trend.

  • Product Table: This report shows net unit pricing quarterly based of all the Network Service distinguished by service element (Outbound Dedicated to Switched, Outbound Switched to Switched, Inbound Switched to Dedicated, Inbound Switched to Switched, DS1 Port, 6 Mbps Port, DS3 – 45 Mbps, DS1 Postalized, DS3 Postalized, DS1 Port, DS3 Port, DS3 Port, 100 Mbps Access)

  • NSG Reports: This report shows all the bid details and bid prices with minimum price point and average price point.

User Module: User Module consists of five types of users:

  • Admin: This user type has all privileges

  • CPI: This user type cannot import and export the data and cannot view all the reports

  • Data User, Data CPI and Data Lite: These user types cannot import product table to generate product table report

Data Input Module: The Data Input Module works as follows:

  • Entering Data: The user is allowed to enter data in different sections (Vendor (Tier) Type, Company Details, Service Type, Product Details, Engagement Details, Bid Info Details and Bid Price Details)

  • Import and Export: In Import, the user can import data in Engagement Info, Bid Info, Bid Price, Customer Info and Product Details tables. In Export, user can export Engagement Info, Bid Info and Bid Price Details tables.

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Project Highlights
  • BluEnt responded quickly and developed an Engagement Details Management System (CPI-Reporting), a web application for monitoring all bid details, bid prices with minimum price point and average price point.

  • The application measures the bid rate of increase in the share price over time.

  • High quality deliverables

  • Improved Accuracy in generating charts

  • Our overnight facility resulted in quick incorporation of changes and suggestions.

  • Total automation greatly reduces the administrative and operational costs of managing the manual charts achieving increased productivity and efficiency

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  • C#.NET

  • MS SQL Server

Maximum Value. Achieved.

The client was happy with the project delivery and the approach we followed. The project was delivered to them as per their expectations.

Client was happy with increased productivity and efficiency.

BluEnt is proud of its association with Alsbridge and to be a part of their success. This partnership has lasted years and continues to do so.

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