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About Alsbridge

Alsbridge is an award-winning sourcing advisory and benchmarking firm. It offers unbiased advice and assistance on sourcing and benchmark initiatives to the Fortune companies globally. BluEnt has been associated with Alsbridge since 2003. BluEnt manages and maintains all technology needs for Alsbridge. They have employees who are paid commission as remuneration to reward sales people.

With the growing number of employees globally, they wanted to manage the commission of employees from a central management tool and approached BluEnt for an efficient and user-friendly Commission Management System (Commission System) with the following requirements:

First Outsourcing
Project Requirements

A Comprehensive Commission Management System

The client wanted an end-to-end custom solution for managing compensation variables for commission-based employees to provide the Accounts Department a platform to manage employees’ commission in a systematic manner.

Cost Effective and Time Efficient

They wanted to reduce the overhead expenses of the company and reduce time taken to process accounts paperwork i.e. manual calculation of commission and details

Track Commission at Regular Basis

The commission management system should track the status of the commission of every employee on a regular basis to allow identification of daily or seasonal trends. Moreover, this keeps the employees also motivated

Report Generation

The client wanted the system to generate final reports filled with information like employees’ details, sales details, earnings, commissions and draws


The client wanted the system to be absolutely error free

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The BluEnt Approach

We had several rounds of meetings to understand the client’s requirements. We converted the design provided by them in HTML and side by side worked on database structure designing and development. BluEnt divided the project in 3 major modules – User Module, Invoicing Module, and Reporting Module.

User ModuleUser Module consists of three types of users:

  • Admin and Accounts: They have the administrative privileges – create/edit/delete anything

  • The Employee: This user type has limited access. An employee can view only reports related to his invoicing, draw and commission. He cannot view other employees’ information

Invoicing Module: It has two separate units

  • Before creating an Invoice, the following need to be created:

    • Client

    • Project

    • SOW (Statement of Work)

  • While creating the Invoice, the user will add commissionable employees with their commissionable percentage or commission amount

  • When payment from client will be received, it will be entered into the system. Based on received amount, commission will be released to the employees

  • A feature for making any adjustments required is also available in the system. (For example: the employer may reduce an employee’s unearned commissions due to any expenses incurred by the employee.)


  • A draw is a payment to a commissioned employee that is credited, in whole or in part, against future commissions

  • Draws typically function like an advance or guaranteed minimum payment of commissions subject to settlement at set intervals

  • At the settlement, any additional commission earnings that exceed the amounts previously paid supplements the draws made

  • A draw can only be reconciled against future commissions

  • User will make a draw entry in “Create Draw” page

  • There are two types of draw:

    • Draw – considered in Commission

    • Non-recovering- not be considered in Commission

Reporting Module 

  • This system has three reports:

Commission Summary Report: This report is in Excel formats only. It shows the per month commission summary of all employees. This report shows three major figures in the last of each month:

  • Commission on hold at the end of last period

  • Draw payment for this period

  • Commission on hold at the end of this period

Employee Commission Report: This report can be generated in PDF and Excel formats. It shows all employees due and paid details with total paid amount

Invoice Report: This report is in Excel format only. It shows the overall summary of all invoices

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Project Highlights

Commission System is a web application to monitor the payment received from clients, commissionable employees, commission paid to employees, commission yet to be paid to employees and any other adjustments.

  • Updated Information: This application helps users to get current status of employees’ commission hold and draw

  • Improved Accuracy: 100% accuracy of all commission and bonus payouts every time

  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency: Total automation greatly reduces the administrative and operational costs of managing the compensation payout process

  • Compliance Assurance: Audit trails, standardization of the business process and extensive system security is guaranteed

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  • C#.NET

  • MS SQL Server

Maximum Value. Achieved.

The client was happy with the project delivery and the approach we followed. The project was delivered to them as per their expectations.

Client was happy with increased productivity and efficiency.

BluEnt is proud of its association with Alsbridge and to be a part of their success. This partnership has lasted years and continues to do so.

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