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About Citrix

Citrix is a leader in virtualization, networking and cloud infrastructure. Citrix enables enterprises build, manage and secure virtual and mobile workspaces seamlessly.

They wanted to redesign their existing website to enhance look and feel, improve navigation and provide a better user experiences.

Project Requirements

Citrix was looking for pixel-perfect HTML components and advanced CSS solutions for the following functionalities:

  • Global Header and Footer

  • Horizontal Navigation

  • Left Column Vertical Navigation

  • Buttons

  • Filter Bars

  • Tables

  • Accordion Bars

  • Resource Holders

  • Resource Accordion

  • Promotions

  • Highlighted Content

  • Accordion Dividers

  • Date Styles

  • Picture Frames

  • Video Launchers

  • Light boxes

  • Tabs

  • Quotes

  • Social Utility Bar

  • Add to calendar

  • Pagination

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The BluEnt Approach

We began with the following:

  • PSDs and wire frames

  • User Interface Guidelines containing design or usability

  • HTML Prototyping Guidelines

Our UX designer and HTML5 experts reviewed and understood the PSDs and documents received from the client.

The UX designer analyzed the functionalities and information architecture of the new website, including HTML format and CSS features.

We had several round of discussions with the client and scheduled weekly meetings to understand the objectives, finalize the requirements, and set delivery approach.

Design Development and HTML Prototyping: During the analysis phase, our UX designer discovered that some features needed to be restructured to match the desired functionalities.

We started with deep understanding of the design flow required to develop PSDs to HTML component.

We developed xHTML/CSS based HTML components.

We developed Jquery based custom plug-in for managing their Accordion Bars, Light Box, Tabs, Social Utility Bar and Calendar.

We followed UX Specifications very closely during HTML component development.

  • Restructure – We restructured and enhanced the CSS in order to improve the usability and accessibility of the web content

  • Delivery Approach – We used the batch delivery approach so that development components were adopted in a phased manner.

  • Acknowledgement – Our UI experts came up with some recommendations for better navigation. The client acknowledged those recommendations and implemented it in the website.

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  • Adobe Suite


  • CSS 2.1

  • JQuery

  • JavaScript

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BluEnt believes in exceptional, timely services for all our clients. We leave no stone unturned for them.

The client appreciated our HTML programming skills and Javascript and advanced CSS capabilities. We met deadlines with ease.

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