ATSNJ Website Redesign

ATSNJ Website Redesign

About ATSNJ Website Redesign

The Athletic Trainer’s Society New Jersey (ATSNJ) comprises of Athletic Trainers, Athletic Trainees, Doctors and other related health care professionals living in or employed in the state of New Jersey. They work together for the advancement and improvement of Athletic Training profession in New Jersey. It is a voluntary organization and comprises of approximately 1,000 members.

ATSNJ Website Redesign
Project Requirements

ATSNJ approached BluEnt to redesign their existing website. They decided to redesign and develop ATSNJ site in latest version of Drupal (i.e Drupal 7) with current design, look & feel. They came up with idea about full of securities and flexibility.

ATSNJ wanted following features:

Template Design:

  • Template for Drupal 7

  • Easy customizable templates and their look & feel

  • Cross-browser support

  • Simple & dynamic navigation

Content Management System for following

  • About Origination: About Us, History, Executive Council and Presidents message

  • Membership:  Membership benefits

  • Application forms: Online registration and Link to Download form for offline registration

  • Resources:  Athletes, Parents, Coaches and Physicians

  • News and Press releases and Events

  • Awards & Scholarship: Hall of Fame, Awards Winners, Nomination Forms & Criteria

  • Athletics Training

  • External Links

Social Media Plugins and API integration

Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, RSS feed etc.

Site Search Functionality

  • A search page where user can search any pages of site on the basis of given keywords.

CMS for managing Ads

  • Text ads

  • Image ads

Members Only Pages

  • Static Pages

  • Forms & Downloads

Membership Directory

ATSNJ has a large number of individual members as well as organizations. They required a module to access other members who is not a member of ATSNJ but member of other athletics organizations like NATA (National Athletic Training Associations) and other state level athletic organization. They needed an API to access these members’ data and a powerful search features.

CMS for Creating Web forms

They wanted a module in admin that they will use to create any kind of web form for front end user.

User Roles & Permission

Required dynamic user roles. Admin can create / modify user roles and assign permission.


  • Powerful reporting module in admin for top visiting pages, recent joined members, latest updates, top searched phrase and keywords, status report about site problems, etc.


  • Newsletter subscription

  • Manage and send newsletter

Search Engine Optimization Module

  • SEO friendly URL

  • Google Analytics

  • CMS for managing keywords, meta tags, descriptions.


  • Site Security: Protect from spamming, hacking etc.

  • Site & DB backup

  • Contact Us Page

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The BluEnt Approach

BluEnt submitted comprehensive proposal in response the RFP (request for proposal) and ATSNJ selected us. We had several rounds of discussions to understand the client’s business goals, website requirements and ways to implement the same across different platforms.


The client decided to develop the existing website in Drupal 7, a very powerful CMS having full of flexibility and securities. We engaged a Technical Lead and HTML programmer led by the Project Manager to analyze the client’s requirements and developed a project plan for easy migration of the existing content management system.

We figured out the existing features that were matched with requirements and prepared list of requirements we can covered up with freeware Drupal extension.

HTML Development

Client wanted to continue with the existing design, look and feel.  So our first goal was to extract the existing HTML contents and images from current running site. We developed cross-browser compatible HTML pages. We focused more on good quality of images.

CMS Development

Once we completed the design, our Drupal development team started CMS development process. We setup a development team and decided project plan for timely delivery. In development phase, we regularly communicated with client to show our progress. We installed Drupal 7 and work machines and staging server.

  • Drupal Template: First important task to covert HTML pages into Drupal 7 template. We customized Drupal template and installed with the current setup.

  • Administrator Configuration: We configured administrator as per requirements and created users role like administrator, president, editor, technology committee.

  • Static pages and Navigation: We created all the navigation (menu, footer etc.)  from CMS admin panel and created all static pages mentioned in business requirements. There were more than 50+ pages.

  • Plugins: Setup all related plugins that were required for project and discussed in the discovery phase. We installed plugins for webforms, Google analytics, reports, SEO tasks, newsletter etc.

Development of Members Directory, Database and API

There were two main development tasks that client wanted.

Members Directory

It was a very important requirement for this project. We had to create a Drupal extension/module that is capable to doing following tasks.

  • Search: In this section, we created an interface for authorized users where they can search members by name, member ID, email, state, gender, job setting, employer, region, country. They can also customize their search interface based on their needs. Based on searched result, they can see Member profile.  We used google map API for searching based on the region.

  • Members DB: There were two types of members in ATSNJ – members who are directly associated with ATSNJ and others are from other athletic organizations like NATA. We developed a system so that periodically NATA DB is accessed and collect NATA user’s information.

API for NATA members

  • We developed an API for access this site by users who is not a member of ATSNJ but member of NATA.


  • Since Drupal is very powerful in terms of security, we didn’t put a much efforts on this. Drupal has in-built plugins for protecting Spam, hacking site etc.

Site Backup

  • We developed a module (cron job) that created back up of Database as well as entire files on daily basis.

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  • DRUPAL 7


  • CSS 2.1

  • JQuery

  • JavaScript

  • PHP

Maximum Value. Achieved.

BluEnt believes in exceptional, timely services for all our clients. We leave no stone unturned for them.

The client was happy with the project management and quality. It was delivered to them as per their expectations.

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