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About the Client

JOI Media is an award-winning software development firm. In 2011, it was recognized as the Emerging Enterprise of the Year by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

The company specializes in enterprise software for optimizing day-to-day operations, streamlining decision-making and driving profitability.

They needed an intranet application for effective employee collaboration.

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Project Requirements

The project was handed over to BluEnt, a custom application development company. The brief was centered on web application development.

BluEnt had to develop an intranet portal that contained the following sections/tabs:

  • Announcements: birthdays, latest happenings, posts by users

  • Corporate directory with all contacts

  • Ability to upload and share files among employees

  • Team calendar with options for monthly view, weekly view, show meetings, events, personalized events

  • Share and display top rated posts, vote/rate the posts, share news

  • FAQ along with Q&A

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The BluEnt Approach
  • Discovery – We received the Internal Wireframes from the client and engaged HTML and PHP programmers to review the wireframes. The company wanted an intranet that was mobile-friendly. Our team of UX designers reviewed functionalities and information architecture. The UX designers analyzed the critical areas and calculated the impact on the website.

  • Development – Our PHP programmer developed the intranet portal based on LAMP stack. To create a user-friendly interface, we incorporated all desired features into the portal. We used advanced CSS to improve the usability and accessibility.

  • Delivery – Regular meetings between the BluEnt team and the client team were held during all the phases of development.

  • Consulting – Our UI experts came up with recommendations to improve the overall navigation. The client acknowledged those recommendations and implemented all the suggestions in the intranet. To know more about the features of JOI Media Intranet Application, please refer to the Case Pages section (top left side of the page) and album section.

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  • HTML

  • JavaScript and JQuery

  • CSS

  • Create an intranet that was user-friendly

  • Adobe Suite

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

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