08 Aug 2017

Your Idea, My Idea and Client’s Idea: How to develop custom application from the best idea

Enabling technology for your business means getting creative and designing custom application solutions which foster business growth. However, not all ideas are good ideas. In an industry driven by innovation and learning, it only makes sense to work on ideas which pay the time, resource and money invested in them.

But there are already so many applications on the app stores these days. Why add another app to the crowd?

If your idea has the potential to grow into the next big e-business empire, we say why not?

According to Mashable, Apple App Store has a staggering number of 400 million credit cards linked to its iTunes accounts.

This means, users are ready to buy your app if your idea is good enough to sell.

Like we said, the opportunity is huge and with the right research and marketing planning, you can create a profitable custom application business.

But, the sad truth is, despite all the right intentions, 60% of mobile applications do not even break even on their developmental costs.

70% custom mobile application developers generate less than $5k from their most successful and innovative applications.

The crux of the problem is, you can develop a custom application on your idea, tweak it and make it cool, but until you can convince people to pay for it, business sustainability is beyond comprehension.

This is where your web application development ideas and custom application development companies can join hands to create viable solutions.

More often than you think, it becomes overwhelming for developers to pick up the best ideas from their managers, or client's feedbacks or quite simply fruits of their own imagination.

The solution?

Give them ideas which are validated and have a strategic working plan for the near future to ensure success.

Here's how you can do that:

  • Do not use Google to only check if your internet is working. Use it to check whether your custom application idea will work or not too.

    Getting started on your app idea is as simple as Googling what's recent and analyzing the future trends. Create an account on Google Keyword Planner. This is Google's very own traffic estimator and keyword search page and it will give you a fair idea of the number of people who are working on the same stuff as you.

  • How do I use the Keyword Planner to check the feasibility of my mobile app?

    Type in words which relate to your application idea such as technical terms, the problem or challenges you are trying to solve, the benefits your app will provide etc. You can choose your target country and you can see the average number of global and local monthly searches. This will give you a good indication of demand and areas where your app idea can make a difference.

  • Programming Environments as Learning Tools

    Working on your app idea becomes easy if you have some technical know-how. For developers, having a deep understanding of their tool set is imperative if you want to work on ideas that will cash themselves. What else helps is mastery over frameworks, primary programming language, and IDE. Thomas and Hunt, authors of the book The Pragmatic Programmer, suggest that developers should learn one new programming language every year. This gives them better insights into the languages that already know. Getting out of your comfort zone and exploring tools and languages cross-pollinates ideas.

    MVC Frameworks

    Programming Tools at your Disposal

    A burning example of this practice is the development of ASP .Net MVC which came from various other MVC frameworks. The developers of ASP .net worked on other frameworks and were familiar with their nuances. This helped in creating ASP .Net.Simply put, all new concepts are extensions of evolving features of existing frameworks and languages, which brings us to our next point.

    Listing to different ideas helps because then you can reflect back on the solution that you wnat to develop and how to go about it.
  • Creating MVPs

    Minimal Viable Products or MVPs as they are commonly known are basic road maps of your products with the most basic features. The aim of MVP is to assess the user reactions to your custom application development. You can record this feedback and then incorporate them early on in the developmental phase. This helps in creating products which actually create an impact. An MVP does not necessarily have to be a functional application. it could be a power-point presentation, a landing page or a dialogue box. You can create it in a week or in a day. It demonstrates the core value of your product or business and will give you the right idea of whether your app idea will work or not.

  • What other programmers can teach you

    If you are just getting started with custom application development, you can get helpful insights from your fellow programmers. Interacting with them can cross-pollinate your idea with theirs – creating something better. They will also offer their honest advice, often coupled with suggestions on how your app can or cannot work. Networking with professionals who are working on the same technologies as you can help create ideas which make an impact on your overall idea development. This will not only benefit your application development process but also will streamline your thought process with their experience and feedback.

Summing Up

Whatever technology or framework you choose, whatever path you decide to walk upon, build something which your users want.

"This isn't Rocket Science. It's mostly hard work and luck" - Guy Kawasaki

We have a team of subject matter experts and analysts who can help you figure out of your app idea is worth working on. We specialize in providing in-depth analysis, SWOT reports and how to take measures which prompt actions. Get in touch today with our experienced consultants!

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