28 Jan 2019

Why You Should Create Cloud Mobile Applications | Process & Strategies

Cloud Mobile Applications are becoming increasingly common. Easy global accessibility is one of the main reasons that cloud storage has become so popular. Why the shift to cloud based apps from native apps?

Leveraging the cloud network as a platform to create cloud mobile applications is the newest trend. Mobile apps are no longer what they used to be. Native apps designed for specific devices. But cloud based apps have transcended the limitations and opened up wondrous possibilities for app developers all over.

BluEnt mobile application development team strives forth with producing rich functionality secure cloud mobile applications. In a bid to give our clients the best we ensure we stay on top on the latest happenings.

What is Mobile Cloud Applications?

While the term cloud mobile application is being commonly used, many folks are not sure what it means. Mobile cloud computing is a concept which is based on a technology allowing mobile apps to be built and deployed using a cloud server.

You are probably wondering why the world is moving towards cloud technology. The greatest benefit of the cloud is that it is not limited by platforms. Native apps are built for specific platforms. A native app may be an iOS app or an android app. These apps work on specific platforms for which they are built. You can also have a cross platform app which can run on multiple platforms. Cloud mobile applications are not restricted by the operating system. It runs through your browser irrespective of your mobile model or operating system.

So what is the big deal about cloud when a cross platform app can also run on multiple platforms? Native apps are designed to store data on dedicated servers. Cloud mobile applications are designed to work on distributed and multi-tenant architecture of the virtual server. They store their data on the cloud. They are not confined to accessing particular data servers.

Why Cloud Mobile Applications?

If you are not already impressed with the huge potential of cloud mobile applications, let's look at some benefits. Native apps are beneficial in some situations, but on the whole, cloud mobile apps have taken the major market share. Most apps are getting onto the mobile cloud network for the following reasons.

  • Comprehensive: Cloud applications are comprehensive. You can build run and manage your mobile application on a single platform. Everything happens on the virtual server. There are no device restrictions and every user enjoys a great experience.

  • Connectivity: Connect to API and other data sources easily through cloud mobile apps. Many limitations faced by native apps are overcome through the virtual server.

  • Data access: Data access through the cloud is real time. There is no time lag. It can be updated and synchronised instantaneously.

  • Scalable: Cloud apps can be built for any number of users. It is easy to scale up or scale down on the cloud server without any hardware limitations.

  • Documents: Transferring documents over the mobile cloud network is easy. The user is not confined to a restricted file size. It is also faster.

  • Cost efficient: Creating and maintaining mobile apps on the cloud network is much cheaper than native apps.

Cloud mobile applications offer great flexibility and can be access from anywhere in the world. It is no wonder that the world is so eager to get on the cloud network. Cloud based applications are less complex, and light on resource usage of the mobile device. Cloud applications are also more secure.

Best Practices For Creating Cloud Mobile Applications

Cloud mobile apps once developed can run everywhere. The process of developing mobile applications on the cloud network can be refined by incorporating certain key strategies.

  • Hybrid apps

    The use of hybrid apps allows the cloud mobile apps to take advantage of the technology incorporated in the mobile hardware. It allows the app to function like a native app with the advantages of the mobile cloud network. Hybrid apps use the best of both worlds.

  • HTML 5

    HTML 5 is a powerful tool especially for mobile applications. It hastens and simplifies the process of deploying your mobile app on numerous platforms. A developer should preferably implement HTML 5 into cloud mobile apps. An HTML 5 app gives the user the feel of a native app. The experience is more personalised as the app has to be downloaded through the app store.

  • MEAPs

    The Mobile Enterprise Application Platform manages the software running on the mobile device. It is a middleware that helps the device to connect to the backend database for data storage. Using MEAP for developing cloud based applications is advisable. MEAP can be implemented using tools such as HTML 5.

  • Secure cloud mobile app

    The features of a mobile application largely determine how secure it is. It is a complex task to balance a rich user experience and functionality with security. There is a constant threat associated with data transfer to and from the cloud application. How do cloud mobile applications handle these? Encrypted data transfer is one of the methods. Other features such as validating the user and session management are very helpful in developing a secure cloud mobile app. Various security measures can help you to take advantage of having a cloud based mobile application.

    By implementing hybrid apps, and incorporating HTML 5 and MEAPs you can also avail of various native app benefits. This allows the user to enjoy great functionality and good user experience together with the advantages of using a cloud based app.

Choosing a Cloud Mobile Application Development Company

Mobile software technologies have a very short lifespan. This means that there is a constant change and development in the technology. The challenge is to find a mobile development company which is up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

Ensuring the use of best practices for the development of your mobile app is imperative. When choosing a mobile application development company one needs to discuss various aspects such as security and incorporation of latest technology into your mobile app.


To develop a robust cloud mobile app you need to hire a good app development company in USA. BluEnt is an app development company which is technologically sound and up-to-date with the latest happenings. We have a team of app developers who are highly experienced and well versed with new technologies pertaining to mobile applications.

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