29 May 2018

Why You Are Not Able to Convert Your E-commerce Website Traffic Into Sales

Making money online has become the hottest trend nowadays. Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and run their own business website. But if you are a newbie, the first thing that comes to your mind is traffic. Traffic is something that transforms everything from your website rank and sales to page views. Ultimately, if your website generates good traffic, your business will be successful.

Although this sounds all too simple it is not so. Many e-commerce websites struggle to generate sales even though they have a decent amount of traffic. This is due to their low conversion rate. You want to see an increase in your income and not just on your Google Analytics report. Technically, more traffic does mean more conversion. But practically it is not so. So what can you do when the traffic is steady but your conversion remains stagnant. Simple! Figure out the root cause and fix it. Luckily, there are some common reasons why your website might not be converting.

Why you are not able to translate the traffic for eCommerce websites into Sales?

  • Bad First Impressions

    If you are getting traffic but no conversions, then it makes sense to assume that people don't like what they see when they first land on your site or they can't find what they were looking for. To tackle this, the most simple option would be to troubleshoot site design issues first. Remember, that while it is important to have a site that looks good, it is even more important to ensure its usability so that people can access information and complete desired action without any hassle.

  • You do not know your audience

    Like most businesses you surely have a few marketing targets sketched out. They are likely to include 2-3 hypothetical members of your target audience based on your existing customers. When trying to improve the conversion rate, you should be absolutely clear about who your customers are. If you are not marketing to the correct people you will end up with low conversion rates. Therefore, it is key to understand and address what the customers want. Instead of basing your personas on what you think your target audience is, understand them based on real data collected internally from your existing customers. Pay attention to online reviews and customer interactions through helpdesk and messaging apps.

  • Wrong kind of traffic

    Attracting the wrong type of traffic is likely the biggest reason why you are not converting. If your keywords do not accurately describe what your products are, even Google cannot help you. So when you select keywords for your website, you need to consider the intention behind each one of them. Thus while researching your keywords it is important not to select them based only on the search volume and competition. Although these numbers can lead to traffic, this traffic won't convert to sales.

  • No Mobile-friendly website

    By 2019, there are expected to be around 11 billion mobile devices in use. This means that you need a multiple-device marketing strategy and a mobile-optimized-commerce store. This will attract and retain customers wherever they are browsing or buying. Having a mobile-friendly e-commerce website will also help to boost eCommerce traffic directly via social media marketing strategies.

  • Poor product description

    One of the main reasons why some product pages have low conversion rate is because they do not accurately display the product to a potential customer. Product pages are where people make the decision to buy, thus shoppers need to understand how the product can benefit them and what is the product's main feature. Therefore adding the necessary information with each product image is crucial for business.

    Along with this, keep in mind that product pictures are essential for conversions. The better your product image looks, the more likely your product page will convert. Avoid using tiny, grainy images and instead use large, clear and interesting photos.


Having good quality products on your e-commerce website with no conversions are not going to take your business further. Translating traffic into conversions and generating revenue isn't as easy as it might seem. Luckily, with a little bit of testing and analysis, you can get to the core of what is stopping your visitors from making a purchase. And once you achieved that, you can further improve your SEO and eCommerce sales strategies to attract even more traffic.

Now that you have understood how to convert traffic into sales, and if you are looking for an interface to start your business, you can try BluEnt. Here at BluEnt, we not only create a realistic and secure interface for the customers but also add fun-to-use interactive features to encourage customers to spend more time browsing through your collections.

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