26 Dec 2017

Why Should Every E-Commerce Site Have a Blog Page?

Every business wants traffic to their website, especially online shopping businesses. This has been solved by the thought that blogging generates relevant and more traffic to your website.

Every business understands the first part (bringing traffic), but most businesses ignore the second part (to start a blog). In fact, surprisingly, most of the e-commerce websites don't have a blog page. There are many posts talking about why any business should have a business blog, but very few are pointing towards an e-commerce content development.

E-commerce start-ups go through a personal combat among logics and queries before starting a blog page. Is it worth having a blog page when your prime objective is to sell online?

It is believed that many e-commerce websites aren't availing benefits of the website blog, this could also become a unique point of your e-commerce branding. Blogging has a magical way to structure your audience and generate the traffic for your e-commerce website. If you still have doubts, we have reasoned some of the beneficial points which define the significance of an e-commerce website blog.

  • Blogging boost your SEO game If your product audience is small, then you might get tempted to avoid the 'blogging' part as you have limited eyeballs to read it. For instance, if you are selling a dog food online, you might think that simply setting a store online would be enough to sell your product to dog owners. But starting a blog on the topic directly or indirectly would generate permanent traffic to your e-commerce website automatically.

    Blogging helps in SEO even if you are targeting a limited audience. This enhances your website traffic especially when you are creating an interesting content for people to link to.

    First of all, blogging creates more pages for your website. More pages give an opportunity to create internal links back to your homepage, shop or contact details.

    Another way to enhance your e-commerce SEO strategy is to write an interesting content for your audience. This lets other sites to link to your website which automatically increases your ranking on google. The more links you can achieve back to your website due to good content, the better you will climb in the SEO game.

    Blogging lets you create content around specific target keywords or key phrases which enhances your ranking. Linking your product pages in your blog post would be a smart move as it would improve your sales as well. In fact, an outsider who is linking to your blog post would benefit both your blog and product pages.

  • Tell your story

    The main agenda of writing a blog is to sell your story. Do you want to build an audience of loyal buyers, don't you?

    Twitter and Facebook make sense when you have something to say or express. Pinterest and Instagram are good platforms to promote your product line. Nowadays, while videos are a most likable trend to tell a story, creating one is also lots of work and added cost.

    Let's dissect a blog to understand more about its clarity. Blog title lets your readers understand the gist of the post and create a curiosity.  You have entire space to create your story. You are free to involve infographics, GIFs, or short videos to explain your point further. You can talk about your own specific tweets or research on the products. People become quite emotional while reading a blog story and try to relate. The whole game depends upon the storyteller and it isn't a rocket science.

    If you are a startup or a traditional businessman, there are great chances that you have an interesting story to share with your target audience. Where did you get this idea? What inspired you? What's your team like? How does it help the community? How to run a business like yours?

    There is no end to it. You just need to think about it and you might end up with tons of interesting topics to write about. Apart from this, you should talk about the products you are selling. You should do your research and become an expert; you elaborate how they are made, what's product story, unique features, and product idea origin. Talk(write) till you sell it, but in an interesting manner. You don't want to sound like a sales executive, right? So, write an enjoyable or informative blog and get more popular with your story and your product line.

  • Blog draws attention

    The formula is quite simple, people love reading good content. If you write irresistible content, it automatically makes us read and share it which will make you rank higher in the search engine. The more you link it to other sites, social media portals and someone else's blogs notify google that your site is doing something right.

    Truth is that you can only promote your agenda on social media couple of times and it is quite challenging to create more than few tweets about your product type. Writing a regular blog lets you generate more content which other bloggers can link to and ideas to create tweets or posts for your social media pages. Linking and sharing your blog post certainly bringing more audience for your business and, in some cases, it brings media professionals and celebrity bloggers to your website. After all, every publicity is good for your brand.

We would like to conclude this conversation by saying that "You must write a blog for your business". You are writing to live forever (at least until internet survives) on cyberspace. The best part of blogs that they don't have a life, they would continuously bring you more views every passing day and you never know which blog brings you, customers.

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