30 May 2017

What Snapchat’s Success Story Teaches Both App Owners And Developers

Snapchat has been 'talk of the town' since it's release. It's not only perceived as one of the greatest mobile applications but did also create its share of negative press. However, today, Snapchat has millions of photos being shared every day and is considered to be the most popular social media app, especially by the millennials. There are millions of app being invented around the globe.

This is where the biggest challenge lies for any app developer – getting noticed and standing out amongst all the other apps. The answer though simple is not always easy to implement. The focus on developing a great app is 'features' - that people need but are not themselves aware of. It's not about designing just any feature, it's about designing an innovative one. Snapchat's primary feature of disappearing messages in one to ten seconds attracted the youthful user base.

From being a most simple messaging app at the time of its release, Snapchat, in time, kept adding a number of innovative and incredible features. In the course of time, this social media app evolved into a combination of private messaging and public content, including features such as brand networks, video-sharing, and live events. According to Bloomberg, "Snapchat expanded its capabilities and became omni entertainment app, transforming from a messaging platform into a media giant with 10 billion video views per day" Snapchat has established itself to be a huge success with great innovative features.

It will take an enormous amount of time for anyone to build anything on similar lines. According to The App Solutions rates, "The total cost of such app with basic functionality can amount from $50K to $70K". However, here's what the app owners and developers can learn and utilize from Snapchat's success story.

The core utility of the app When developing any app, the team needs to be sure of why the consumers should connect with the app. How the reason to use the app going to be different than other apps? This is where Snapchat scored most of the brownie points. Snapchat has personalized its features in such a form that for this app everything is different. It is not used to 'connect' with friends which most of the social media applications already focus on. From the core functionality of the app to the style in which the consumers connect with their contacts has a very personalized aspect to it. Snapchat turned into an app for users who want to 'impress' their friend circle and brands that want to showcase their product catalog to their clients.

Target group is key when developing the app A triumphal app can only be developed when the focal point is the target group. That provides a lens into what you need to do with the app features and the design. Snapchat targets millennials who are vibrant, lively and always live in the moment. The Snapchat app developer used a bright yellow background, the color that truly defines this target group. By adding features and design that personally connects with the youthful user base, Snapchat has managed to acquire very loyal users.

Adding basic features is not enough When the Millennials are at the center stage, you know they won't use an app unless it's 'cool'. So if the Snapchat developers had not built the coolest features in ways that attracted the youth, it would have been just another application. This is why Snapchat owners spent $100 million to buy an emoji app called Bitstrips. This was then adapted by the developers to sync with the Snapchat 'style'. This made the users feel more entertained as they could add that extra touch to share their ideas and thoughts.

Constant improvements and additions Launching the app post development isn't enough. Once Snapchat was released it didn't really take the world by a storm. However, the key was to constantly enhance it by improving and adding more innovative, addictive features. It grabbed an immediate attention and kept the users wanting more thrilling experiences through those new features.

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