17 Dec 2020

How to Convert Visitors to Customers with Great Ecommerce Website Design

E-commerce website design shows what your business offers. It says a lot about your business and conveys a deeper message than you can imagine.

Designers can do a great job of making your website visually appealing. But that is not the key to increasing conversion rates.

If you already have an eCommerce website, you are aware of all the significant design elements that create a website.

You have exceptional product offerings, but your visitors don't get converted to customers. We understand your frustration. That's why we'll help.

Creating the 'right' personality through website design is vital for a business' growth. The multiple facets of a web design strategy need to work together flawlessly. These elements include aesthetics, usability, structure, and layout.

Today, eCommerce sites do not compete for quality or variety. They are all aiming to deliver superiority when it comes to these aspects. So standing out amongst the competition is tough.

According to the Norman Nielsen Group article on eCommerce:" If it's designed right, an e-commerce website can be far superior to a catalog. Good design means offering users more content and photos than a traditional catalog, along with multimedia demos (where appropriate), regular updates, a broad selection, instant international distribution, and an easy way to search the site."

The experts at BluEnt have studied and analyzed what really works when it comes to a flawless web design strategy. They have highlighted the top 3 elements that can boost your conversion rates.


Poor usability can drive away more consumers than you can imagine. People do not have the time to figure out the unexpected or learn complex processes.

Unless your portal is great for usability – easy navigation, products categorized and sub-categorized in a simple way, and easy to read – it won't be received well.

The more difficult you make the browning or purchasing process, the more you will lose out on growth and conversions.

Make the consumer's journey so easy that they barely even think about it. Don't make them click unnecessarily – your web design needs to be consumer-oriented, not design-oriented.


It's not just about visualization. It's about functionality.

Inconsistent designs can make the user experience haphazard and confusing. Your website should work harmoniously across all its elements, including the product grid, typography, color palette, navigation, sidebars, footers, and headers.

The page layout should be consistent as well. Your site should have the same colors, fonts, positioning, visual hierarchy, and search box across the board. Make sure your logo links back to your homepage, too.

All this will come together to tell your brand story.


It's great to provide your visitors with information about your products and company. However, many eCommerce sites misuse this. In order to fill the pages with all the information they can, they lose out on readability.

This is where a visitor loses interest.

Add key information and make sure there is enough white space. It will make your content more readable.


The main goal of an eCommerce website to generate revenue and get as many conversions as possible. If your product collection, variety, and quality are already outstanding, you can use the above design tips to prevent a decline in revenue or conversions.

BluEnt has over a decade of experience in eCommerce website development and design. Our web developers and web designers know exactly what a website needs to keep improving the number of conversions and revenue.

Write to our team to begin converting more of your visitors to customers!

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