21 Jan 2019

What are the Key Skills to Become a Mobile App Developer?

A mobile app developer is in huge demand with the increasing need for mobile applications. Many app developers are self-taught while others may have a college degree in the subject. But irrespective of the training, it is the skills of the app developer that matter.

A mobile app developer needs to possess certain key skills to make a career in mobile application development. These skills are essential to help you create a sound, engaging and popular mobile app. For people to use an app it should be user-friendly and easy to use. Complicated apps tend to become redundant even if they have great options and features.

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There is a constant change in the world of technology. What was new yesterday is old today. Staying on top of the technological advancements is critical to build a good mobile app.

Having your own app is the latest thing. Irrespective of your line of business, the best way to reach your customers is through an app. A business needs to understand what the key skill requirements are, before hiring a mobile app developer to work on their app. It is easy to find an iOS app developer or an android app developer. But is that what your business needs? What skills should your app developer have?

Skillset requirement for a Mobile App Developer

  • Programming skills: Writing code is the basic requirement for all software related tasks. Programming is one of the foundation skills for a mobile app developer. To create a good app one should be well versed with multiple coding techniques. It is imperative to be familiar with Java script for app development. A good knowledge of multiple programing languages is highly beneficial.

  • Internet of things (IoT): The popularity of IoT makes it a necessity for a mobile app developer to be familiar with it. Today an app does not work as a standalone program but may need to interact with other devices. Being able to integrate multiple devices is an important skill for a mobile app developer. It reiterates the need to be familiar with various related technologies. Apps that can connect with other devices and share information are needed by many industries. App developers need to be technologically inclined.

  • Cross-platform development: Today businesses are not looking for an iOS app developer or an android app developer. A business needs a mobile app developer who has a working knowledge of multiple platforms. A mobile app developer should be able to handle cross-platform app development.

  • UX and UI design: The user interface and the user experience are critical to defining the popularity of an app. The utility value of the app is secondary and ascertained only after people begin to use the app. To get people¬†use an app is the first and most crucial step. A mobile app developer must be able to create an app which users will enjoy using.

  • Agile methodologies: App development is not a one man show. Agile methodologies are an essential part of the task. Collaborated working with a team helps to produce a highly effective app.

  • App Security: Cyber security is an essential element for any software. Mobile apps are not excluded from this threat. Many mobile apps become targets for data theft. The most common is theft of credit card information. A mobile app developer needs to be well versed with techniques which can be used to secure an app. Integrating security measures into an app will make users feel secure to use your app.

    These are some of the important skills needed to become an app developer. However we cannot undermine the value of creativity and innovation to develop mobile apps.

Hiring a Mobile App Developer

Why do some businesses hire an in-house mobile app developer? Developing an app is not always a onetime act. Over the curse of time the app may need changes. Changes could include new products, alteration in options or just regular updates. To handle these constant changes some businesses prefer to hire an app developer. Email UsContact us to know more about Mobile + Web Apps Services sales@bluent.net +1 832 476 8459 Request for Services

Many businesses prefer to have their own in-house mobile app developer. There are benefits and limitations to this course of action. The skillset requirement for a mobile app developer gives you a fair idea of what you need to look for before hiring someone for the position. Some skills are learned and some are developed over a course of time with experience. In addition to the above mentioned skills, it is also important for a mobile app developer to have some business acumen.

How to develop mobile applications for business

Developing a business app takes more than just effort. The type of app you develop can either boost the business or cause it to slump.

App development is team work. While one person may excel in designing the user interface, another can develop the user experience. Robust coding and app integration is the result of team effort. An app development company like BluEnt has a team of mobile application developers who possess a variety of differing skills.

Is it really worth hiring an in-house app developer? Or is it better to get in contract with a professional mobile app development company to handle your business app. Hiring an app development company is not only easier but also works out cheaper in the long run.


Being a mobile app developer takes practice and hard work. You have to constantly keep up with new developments and the latest trends. BluEnt has a team of app developers who possess more than just the required skills for mobile app development. Our mobile app developers are highly experienced and up-to-date with the latest technologies and developments. Share your ideas and expectations with us and we can give you our professional views on how to develop an app for your business. We are just a call away.

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