29 Nov 2016

Milestone in the health sector: Virtual healthcare at your fingertips

There has been a stupendous advancement in technology that has impacted almost every everything in this world. It has changed our day-to-day lives in many ways, from ordering food online to studying courses from distant universities to booking an appointment for a spa. It has made our lives somewhat effortless.

The introduction to mobile apps started at a rudimentary level. The first one ever being, the snake games pre-installed in black and white Nokia phones. The initial applications that came into existence held a high entertainment value. However, over the year's usage of apps have become more intrinsic to a high quality life. We use apps for everything from banking services to cultivating our hobbies. Mobile apps are transforming the way we live.

The most rewarding transformation has been noticed in the healthcare industry. With health and wellness gaining a greater priority in the last few years, people are more focused and conscious to stay fit. Heath care apps have made a positive impact on the healthcare industry. People now manage their health in effectual and discerning ways.

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In the health sector, using mobile apps to access information or book an appointment with a doctor has become a new norm. Mobile apps have facilitated better communication and care coordination between patients and the entire staff.

There are many features in the health application that are being used to ease up the patient's lives. It has reaped many more benefits for both the staff and the consumers.

Here are a few reasons why health app is considered to be a milestone in the health sector.

Your health, in your hands The health care apps allow the patients to feel more in control of their medication routine and appointments. If the need arises, they can stay in touch with the healthcare professionals more frequently through the app. They do not need to depend on others for any kind of health related activities. The app gives them the ability to sort out their own healthcare and medicine regime. It allows them to search for doctors as per their requirement and location. They can book an appointment with the doctor without any extra charges for the same. There is also an option to search for hospital or blood bank when they are in emergency. Having these features, information and instructions stored at one place is very helpful for them. It makes them feel more independent and confident.

Health history under one window: Sharing and storing data has made it easier for both the patients and the staff to access the medical and treatment history. These documents have become electronic based, which means the patients down need a separate compartment in their cupboards for their medical files. It is more safe and secure than paper based documents that can get misplaced easily. Doctors and nurses have access to these medical records of current and previous health issues at any point of time. This helps them to diagnose and keep a check on their patients more effectively.

A recording instrument to track progress Along with information, this app also acts as a tracking tool. The healthcare professionals are able to record the progress of their patients. They are alerted when their health is declining and hence provide advice accordingly. The patients also receive reminders and alerts if they need to go in for additional medical assistance.

Acts as a medication reminder The health app allows the patient to add all their medications and doses and set a reminder for the same. This helps them to ensure that they take their medicines, with the correct doses, on time. In case the patient still misses a dose or takes at the wrong time, both them and the staff is notified of the same. The doctor or nurse can then touch base with the patient to ensure they religiously follow the medication routine. This helps in avoiding health complications.

More versatile, more economical Health apps are a smart decision. It is not only an ingenious invention but also a more economical way to go. Apps, as a part of their marketing scheme, provide patients with discounts which otherwise is not available.  Also, since, patients can communicate with their respective doctors and nurses through the app, it saves them consultation fees. Thinking of developing a new health app?

It's time to act. It's one of the most used tools today. Do not miss out on this opportunity! Call us today.

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