07 Jan 2021

Is Your Web App Not Getting Users? Here’s How to Market It

Is your web app not getting enough users?

You might be confused at the lack of results. After all, you have a brilliant app. It has a great interface, is secure and has engaging content. So why is your money going down the drain?

The culprit is probably inadequate promotion.

I have bad news and good news for you. The bad news is, if your web app isn't getting enough attention, your marketing strategy needs work. (This is assuming that your web app development was already stellar.)

The good news is that we'll be showing you how to promote your web app effectively.

There are a lot of common web app marketing techniques that don't give you great returns in the long run.

Fortunately, you don't need paid marketing campaigns to get more users.

Here are reliable, free ways to promote your app instead:

  • Create a Microsite

    Microsites are auxiliary sites that are built to supplement the primary website, that is, your main business web app. These usually consist of one or two pages and promote your web app to your audience.

    You can take cues from Path and Snapchat or Coca Cola – the undisputed king of micro sites.

  • People Love Countdowns

    If you are building a web app for business, you can put up a countdown a month or two before to announce its launch. You can collect email addresses of people who are interested in your app by offering a form on the page.

    This way, you can send them personalized invites when the app is launched and offer them valuable incentives.

  • Blogging Works


    An Optinmonster report mentions that 77% of internet users read blogs. Hubspot says that US internet users spend thrice more time on blogs than on email. 60% of marketers say that blogging is their top inbound marketing priority.

    Start a blog and attach it to your microsite. You can then write engaging content that brings people to your website and generates organic leads. (And don't forget to market this content on various social media channels.)

  • Product Videos are Awesome

    Everyone loves a video.

    They are an excellent choice for giving users one more reason to use your web app. For example, take a look at this video I created for an online multichannel retailer.

  • App Review Websites and Niche Bloggers

    Sites like AppStore Apps, AppAdvice and 148apps can bring a lot of buzz if they mention your app on their site. You can reach out to more users this way.

    Also, identify bloggers who write on niche topics that relate to your app. You have more chances of attracting the right target audience and potential users this way.

  • Getting media attention

    As Neil Patel puts it, 'Press is the best way to kick-start your startup.' When you involve press in your business, you get two benefits.

    One, the journalists can take your business to the masses, and two, you create value addition for your services and products.

    Consumers tend to look at media as their direct source of information and being featured on a media front builds trust for your brand.

    Media Attention

  • Apply for App Awards

    Yes, there are awards for apps. The Mobileys, Best Mobile App Awards and Best App Ever Awards are just some of the well-known names. It will get you a ton of press and, of course, a prize if you are a winner

  • Podcasts

    If you can pull this web app promotion technique off, there's nothing like it. Podcasts are great tools to establish you as an authority in your domain. People love listening to others talk about ideas, breakthroughs, challenges and struggles. You can work on a podcast for your app and put it on iTunes or Play Store.

  • Using Other Apps

    Use other apps for your web app promotion. For example, there is Dubbler, a social networking app that is audio based. You can create and share audio with the Dubbler community, your friends and family, besides potential customers. You can also use more popular apps like Pinterest.

  • Hold Contests

    This is a short-term suggestion, but highly advisable if people liked your web app but did not follow through.

    Users can tweet and share your app on social media to promote it. You can give top tweeters discounts on your services or products.

    The reward need not always be monetary. For instance, your top app user can be featured on your social media page.

  • Leverage Voicemail

    You can mention your app name in your voicemail so that people get to know more about it when they call you.

  • Facebook Opportunities

    Join groups and communities that cater to your industry vertical and your target audience. You can contribute there and reach out to the right people.

    You can also reach out to the admins of Facebook pages from your niche industry with larger followings. If you create a compelling offer for them to promote your app, you can have a quick surge in a number of your web app users.

Summing It Up

When it comes to web app development and promotion, there is no 'one-size-fits-all' policy. Most marketers get their time's worth only after trial and error.

But if you want to save yourself the (long) pain and get right to attracting more users, BluEnt's web app development and web app marketing services are at your fingertips.

Our digital marketers and analysts will address your business needs and sharpen your position as a brand. Same business, new tactics.

Get in touch now if you're ready for better results.

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