26 Dec 2017

Top 5 Web Development Frameworks For Web Developers To Choose

Interested to know about the top web development frameworks? Let's have a look

With every passing day, web technology is growing with assistance from the latest technologies and innovations in the said field.

This has created a situation similar to that of a coin, which has two sides.

One side offers tremendous help due to the interference of the latest techniques and on the other hand, it demands the professionals to monitor the latest updates minutely in order to keep the network at par with the latest trend.

The expectations of the customers have increased in a huge way and the developers need to be an expert on the most popular web development frameworks to fulfil the needs.

Attributes of Developing a Website

The look and feel of the websites is as important as the web pages itself to make a prominent presence among the crowd of numerous web pages.

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Other factors like security, database mapping, database access, database configuration, web APIs, web services, web templates, caching, web resources, etc. are also a part of the development process.

It is an intimidating task to take care of all the attributes of a particular website. In order to accomplish these activities, web development frameworks play a crucial role.

It eases website development activity by automating various activities related to the process.

Top Web Development Frameworks

There are numerous web development frameworks available in the market, which makes it a challenging job for the developers to choose an appropriate one. The frameworks use diversified languages like Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Perl, etc.

Developing web pages using the frameworks is the future of web development but the challenge is to select a framework that will be in trend in the upcoming days.

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Let's put some light on the upcoming frameworks that are expected to be in trend. The frameworks have been chosen based on their functionality, features, usage, and updates. They are as follows:

  • Laravel: It is one of the best backend frameworks and follows a PHP web framework. It is an open-source and free framework and is designed to offer advanced web applications. It has advantages like Object Oriented Libraries, Authorization Technique, Artisan, MVC, Security, Bcrypt Hashing, Database Migration, password reset, encryption, Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF), etc

  • Django: It is also a very popular web development framework that is scripted in Python and follows MVC architecture. The complicated data-driven websites can be developed easily with it. Instagram, Mozilla, NASA, Disqus, etc. are developed with this framework.

  • YII: It is an open-source PHP framework that makes the web development procedure seamless. E-commerce, RESTful services, CMS, forums can be easily developed with the help of this framework.

  • Meteor JS: It is an open-source isomorphic JavaScript web framework. It helps in a faster page download, contributing to SEO. The web page view is directed to the server immediately which eliminates the need to run JavaScript by web crawlers.

  • Zend: It utilizes various packages of professional PHP, making the web page enriched and faster. It also employs the best security packages to ensure the finest security practices.

It is an essential task to choose the best web development framework, based on language preferences and comfort, in order to get the most from it seamlessly.

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