02 May 2017

Top 5 cross platform mobile app development tools

Mobile apps are not new in the business industry. With the tech-savvy end-user owning a smartphone and an internet connectivity

almost on a regular basis, more and more small, medium and enterprise businesses are preferring mobile apps for their products and services. Apps that can run on multiple platforms are the ultimate saviors for the business owners. Needlessly, the demand for tools and developers capable of making apps which can run on different platforms is on steady rise.

Per a study done by Forrester, 60% of businesses are already using cross-platform tools to develop mobile apps for their businesses. This demand is set to only surge in the coming years. It is further predicted that cross-platform mobile app development will continue escalating at an annually compounded rate.

I get it. My business needs an app which runs across multiple platforms. But what should I do to have a cross-platform app?

Cross platform apps make use of single code which runs on multiple platforms and operating systems. Cross-platform apps help in reducing manpower, effort and costs to develop and maintain a single app to cater to your business.

Having said that, there several cross-platform development tools that come loaded with templates, built-in libraries and APIs. Look at some of the most preferred cross-development apps by app designers:

  1. Adobe Cross Platform Mobile App Development Suite Adobe has a rich offering in the cross-platform mobile app development domain. It has a cloud based PhoneGap Build and an open sourced solution PhoneGap. The toolkit is built on Apache Cordova, which is an open source API device set. It allows applications developed on it to access native device functionalities for diverse platforms. With Cordova, you can code and build cross-platform apps using HTML5, CSS3 and Java Web Languages. Not only for small and medium businesses, Cordova simplifies the development of enterprise mobile apps as well.

  2. Appcelerator Cross Platform Mobile App Development Suite Another great cross-platform development kit is Appcelerator. It focuses on accelerating the time to market ratio for the development of cross-platform mobile applications. Using a single JavaScript codebase, Appcelerator offers real time mobile analytics. With an open and extensible envorinment, you can develop amazing applications for Android, iOS and Blackberry. You can also develop hybrid and HTML5 apps. The kit comes with an open source SDK and supports more than 5,000 devices, IDE Studio and MVC Framework.

    Appcelerator Cross Platform Mobile App Development Suite

  3. Sencha Cross Platform Mobile App Development Suite Another popular tool with the mobile app developers, Sencha is favored for cross-platform development. The kit offers multiple cross-platform app development programs such as Sencha IDE Plugins and Sencha Architect besides others. With components coming pre-loaded for developmental uses, Sencha ensures quick delivery of apps and time saving for professional app developers. You can code in HTML5 and then use them to scale the business app to Android and iOS. this can be done by translating the code using tools such as PhoneGap.

    Sencha Cross Platform Mobile App Development Suite

  4. SAP Cross Platform Mobile App Development Suite SAP is one of the oldest cross-platform players in the app market. With the SAP Mobile Platform 3.0, you can develop enterprise apps from a single HTML5 Codebase. The kit also makes use of Cordova, giving developers the advantage of using Fiori apps by SAP on both mobile and desktops. This helps in optimizing mobile usage and app development with Cordova.

    SAP Cross Platform Mobile App Development Suite

  5. Xamarin Cross Platform Mobile App Development Suite With Xamarin, businesses can develop cross platform apps. Xamarin uses a single, shared C# codebase which lets developers build native Android, iOS and Windows apps. Whatever you can do in objective C, you can achieve all of that with Xamarin. This is because it lets you use the same IDE, APIs and language anywhere and everywhere. The added bonus, GIT integration is directly in-built in Xamarin studio. You can test the apps developed in the studio on several devices with Xamarin's cloud services. The company also has partnerships with Microsoft, IBM and Xoriant for better app development and promotion.

BluEnt specializes in providing all kinds of cross platform mobile app development services. Our affordable app development team ensures that your business app is scalable, easily operable and provides a great user experience. Connect with us today to better understand how we can help your business grow!

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