01 Nov 2016

The mobile takeover – A fundamental shift in web design

Mobile web browsing is becoming highly prevalent and it is not just a passing fad in the Internet industry.

Consumers spend a significant amount of time on their mobile devices. Hence with such a rapid amount of Internet traffic coming from mobiles, consumer-driven organizations need to focus on expanding their reach to mobile web users. With Google announcing that mobile search queries has surpassed the desktop search queries, businesses are giving more priority to the creation of mobile oriented concepts. Google's mobile-friendly update has made it essential for companies to design a mobile website. Having a mobile website is a profitable move that helps the business gain a competitive advantage. So not having a mobile website or having one which is outdated and doesn't load properly on the devices is a big costly mistake for any business. The current increasingly popular trend is that mobile comes first when designing any website.

Many developers are now emphasising on the mobile first approach. When creating the website, the industries favour developing the mobile oriented sites first and then complete the desktop oriented websites. The industry concentrates on ensuring maximum performance on any mobile device and software. When creating a mobile website or making improvements you must ensure to incorporate these few key elements for a successful mobile interface.

Creating a seamless browsing experience: The companies should make a good investment in offering their customers with a seamless browsing experience on a mobile device. A mobile website should not merely be only functional. They should use graphics that function well in the mobile interface.  The businesses must also focus on creating a visually appealing and easy to use website.

Responsive web design: Responsive web design is one of the most popular trends and its become a necessity even for the mobile website owners. As per Google standards, to gain a higher ranking under the search engine result pages it is significant to have a responsive design. In a mobile, a responsive design is one that automatically adjusts to fit the screen size and resolution of any mobile device or software.

Social media integration – a key component: An average Internet user, use their social accounts as a part of their daily web activity. Thus integrating the social media component makes it easier for the users to use their accounts from the website itself. In case of a newsletter, the process of signing up could be streamlined for the users by adding the social media credentials.   The focus should be on the most frequently used social media sites for business. Mobile friendly links for deals on sites like Instagram can also be introduced.

An uncomplicated shopping experience: If your business deals with eCommerce  then you must ensure that the shopping cart feature is available on your mobile web site. These days consumers use their mobiles quite frequently for shopping hence you will not want to miss out on this opportunity.

Accessible, intuitive and visually stunning: To create a successful mobile site it is very important to understand your mobile website users. The mobile Internet users usually use the mobile while they are busy doing something else like talking to a friend or waiting in the queue. Most of the mobile users use their mobile device in 'on-the-go' situations unlike the desktop users who are in a predictable environment. Hence you should concentrate on making the content on your website quick and easy to access. Your website should also be attractive to keep their attention. Are you looking to launch a mobile site or making improvements to the current existing site?  Connect with us to work on the tools to create the right design for your mobile web site that will ensure a lasting success.

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