10 Jan 2018

The Intranet Roadmap: Redefining the Value of Business and Customers

Around the globe, technology has taken over the business world since 1980's. You won't see any business geek without a laptop and a transforming idea for a 'new' business. We have even seen innumerous start-ups emerging in the last few years – with some finally dissolving while a few taking the business industry by a storm.

Similarly, there have been a series of technological advancement in the business field since the invention of the 'machinery' itself. While some still exist and continue to grow, few didn't survive to see 2018. However, amongst the ones that still continue to evolve is 'Intranet'.

Intranet has been revolutionizing and internally digitized the corporate workspace with its capability of driving impactful productivity and more loyally involved customers/employees. The new mantra in the intranet globe is adding more value to business, employees, and customers.

The roadmap to creating a successful Intranet has changed. According to BluEnt's intranet developers, with years of experience, they have come up with the perfect methodology to develop a revolutionizing Intranet.

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The in-depth research:

In the past, corporates have been hesitant to spend that extra bit on research. However, according to BluEnt, it is the most crucial step in defining the strategy of the portal. It gives a deep insight into the requirements of both the business and the employees. It even gives the developers to look into governance, benchmarking and social media readiness. The methods that are more commonly used for this research can vary from observation, focus groups to even one on one interviews.

Re-strategizing the strategy:

Defining the strategy is already a part of every Intranet Project. However, this is where BluEnt has re-strategized the strategy. The strategy now incorporates more intensive and excruciatingly detailed information from the kind of content that will be in Intranet to how this portal will be a reflection of the current organizational culture or support for culture change.

It will also hold a reservoir of information to the practical details such as should it be multilingual, a study on the social/collaborative tools and will it be a user-driven personalized experience. This approach covering the plethora of information will allow the Intranet developers to look into the most painful design and functional details. It will enable the company, staff and of course the overall business to derive more value from the portal.

Addressing the 'bigger' picture:

The Intranet developers have an immediate goal – to create a portal as per the business requirements that can be successfully implemented and adopted by the team. However, they need to look at the 'bigger' picture to ensure that Intranet serves the corporate's vision and purpose. This is where the 'extra' value gets added. The understanding of the futuristic goal thus forms a vital part of the pathway.

If what a business truly needs is to improve customer satisfaction then the functionality of Intranet will be to allow staff to serve customers. Intranet showcasing more accurate information to the sales team, to improved tracking of issues to resolution will help in achieving the 'big' picture and attracting more loyal customers and profitability.

Embracing these 3 pathways can ensure that developers create an unbeatable Intranet that can help the business to achieve its ultimate purpose.

BluEnt is highly skilled in web app development services and can create the perfect 'customized' roadmap for your portal and ensure that it sets your overall business on a path for success. Talk to us to renovate or create a brand new portal for this brand new year.

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