06 Sep 2016

5 Commonly Overlooked Social Media Hacks To Keep In Mind

You may be thinking to yourself "that I am pretty much of a social media genius, why do I need to read this article?" or perhaps "I read that Social Media for dummies book. I do not need to read anything about social media since it claimed to give a 100% understanding about it."Chances are, there are some things that might have not stuck with you because of their very casual understanding.

When it comes to social media, there are a thousand blogs that go on over the same thing, "how to use hashtags for more followers, how to use the right kind of font and colors to interest people to look at your post, how to summarize a message into three characters or less without missing key information" and all that, but they forget the small elements that really make it or break it. 

Here are some of the 5 sure shot hacks which will get you connected to great clients and will prove to be a significant boost to your business: 

  • Reaching out is not a sign of weakness: Reaching out is often looked down upon by many people since its reputation of making the person reach out look like they're vulnerable or desperate. However, that kind of ideology will not get you anywhere when it comes to getting your presence noticed by the clients you have been dreaming to work with. Turns out, the more you reach out, the more your clients will be willing to work with you. Because chances are, they might not know how to approach you, so by approaching them, you make it easier for them to talk to you and they will in order trust you with their accounts.

You might be the perfect choice for your clients and they would probably be wanting to approach you but they don't even know about your existence simply because you haven't been talked about.

At BluEnt our social media marketing team takes a deep understanding of your business to carve out a social media strategy that ticks the box of 'success' for your dream clients.

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  • Observe: Your observation skills are really important to be a successful game changer. Gary Vaynerchuk, founder of Vayner Media, clearly points out that observation teaches you a lot about how people behave on social media. So if you don't have the time to read books, just sit – and observe how people behave in different situations. This activity will alone make you precognitive enough of what your audience will say/ talk on social media.

  • Your following shows: This is one of the most looked over aspect of social media. You know how they say, "never judge a book by its cover"? Well, on social media, the rules are a bit different. Turns out, to not much of a surprise, that social media is indeed one of the most absurd and barbaric judges to ever exist. Every, post, like, comment, and share, counts.

    The following technique comes with its pros and cons, just like everything. One of the most under looked pro of the following technique is the fact that you get an opportunity to closely keep an eye on who you competitors are following, once you see the people you were missing out on, you will be able to bridge the gap between you and potential clients you never knew existed without the help of your competitors.

    The caveat, however, is to keep the professional account separate from your personal account. Nobody wants to see you are following the "6 packs in 6 weeks" But hey, if you are personal trainer, why not? But if you are the CEO of a prestigious clothing company, well it wouldn't seem to be too professional.

    It can get a bit confusing, that's why you should have a social media expert who lives and breathes conversations that are relevant to your company/ brand. BluEnt offers a wide range of social media experts who can help you separate the difference between the two.

  • It does not stop at who you follow: Once you click the little follow button, or the subscribe, or the like button, there are suggestions based on the basis of things that are similar to the page you just liked or subscribed to. This means, that there are other pages which are similar to the pages you are liking or subscribing to.

    Do not miss out on these suggestions. You never know what kind of leads you might get from them. Go through each and every suggestion and give it a thorough thought of who you would want to be associated with. They popped up in the suggestions because of the similarity between you and them or the similarity between the people you are following and them.

    Sometimes, unknowingly, the suggestions of the client's competitor might pop up and quite obviously you do not want to follow or like them if you already have a deal set with your client. So get your purpose clear of who you follow.

  • Have a little fun: Having a little fun is what will separate you from your competitors. In today's generation, social media derives on that human touch. Everything sounds so robotic and formal these days that when people see a little bit of humor and a casual kind of approach to things, people will feel more at ease with you and would trust you more than the other formal prim and proper, everything-in-order-kind-of company.

    Your language sets the tone for your conversations on social media. Use a blend of relaxed yet proactive tone that will propel you audience to build more engagement with your company.

Are you fudging with any of the mentioned points?  Or have you already incorporated some of the points but still feel a little misdirected as how to use them? Let us know how we can help.

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