24 Aug 2018

Can An Online Shopping App Boost Your Ecommerce Business?

We have all experienced the convenience of using an online shopping app. But is it the right thing for your business? Will ecommerce mobile app development boost your business sales?

Online shopping app is the latest trend. It is the next step after an ecommerce website. With the popularity of the internet people began going online to shop. They found it easier and more convenient. It saved them the time and effort of going to the store.

From the conventional style of shopping, everything went online.  And now things are going mobile. So businesses are forced to consider online shopping apps for Android and iOS. If you don't keep up you could get left out.

Is an online shopping app right for your business?

An online shopping app is not for every type of business. For example professional services such as lawyers, Charted Accountants do not need apps. Businesses selling products or general services will benefit from shopping app development services.

So you first need to consider if an ecommerce mobile app development will actually help to boost your business. To some extent it depends on the app. For any app to become successful there are certain essential criteria. All of these pertain to the features of the app rather than the fact that you have an app. The shopping app development plays a very important role in defining the success of the app.

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An interesting app makes the user explore further

How can a shopping app boost your ecommerce business?

Every business is keen to look for ways in which they can boost their business. An online shopping app is the most convenient way to shop online. Catering to the customer's convenience is the best way to encourage sales.

  • Promote new products: You can promote new products very easily through your online shopping app.

  • Reward programs: Customers can accumulate points and use them to get rewards or discounts.

  • Discount Coupons: You can give regular customers discount coupons based on their purchase value to encourage them to shop again

  • Customer preference: Promote products based the customer's preference, age group, gender etc.

There are many ways in which you can keep your customers engaged. If you have some innovative ideas for your app it will help to make your app more popular. Share your ideas with us when we are working on your the planning and designing of your shopping app development.

What features do you need for an ecommerce shopping app?

The features of your online shopping app defines your app. You can get innovative and add some out of the box features. You just need to ensure that they are in alignment with your products. How interactive do you want your app to be?

The basic necessary featureswill be incorporated by the shopping app development company. These features need to be outlined before developing the app.

What do you have to keep in mind for shopping app development? It should serve a useful purpose and it should perform better than your competitors.

Let's take a look at some of the necessary features:

User friendly: First of all your app should be easy to use. The user should be able to see the option buttons easily. The user should be able to clearly figure out what to do next. An online shopping app which is attractive but confusing can lose the users interest.

Quick loading: An app that takes long to load may not be used or even deleted. In this fast pace world your app should load as fast as possible. How do you ensure your app loads fast? Speed can be defined during the ecommerce mobile app development stage. Ensure that the product name details load first. Images may take a few seconds longer to load. Background, logo, titles etc. can load next. It is essential to hold the users attention with the product details first. Buttons and options should be the next to load, as the user would look for these as soon as the product has finished loading. 

Easy to manoeuvre: The user should be able to find what they are looking for easily. The shopping app development company will have to ensure that the product description and basic features should be easily accessible. Most buyers are keen to look at the product features before purchasing.

Designing the right kind of app -

Designing an online shopping app

The first step of making an online shopping app is the planning and designing stage. What will your app look like? What should your app include? This is the stage to bring forth your creative ideas

Some important aspects that you have to consider while designing an app are:

  • Audience: Who is your target audience for the products you intend to promote on your online shopping app? Identify your audience and understand their interests and needs. This will help develop the overall design – it has to be suited to your potential customer's interests.

  • Prim your product: You product needs to appear attractive. You'll need to provide a number of images show casing the product from different angles. Provide sufficient details about the product to answer all the general user queries. Product description should not be too lengthy as it can get boring.

  • App goal: What do you want to achieve through your online shopping app? Is it the number of online sales, is it to generate leads, is it to promote a high number of downloads or something else? Every shopping app development has a clear intention behind it. It is important to keep the goal in perspective while developing the app.

Is your app worth downloading?

Developing a shopping app

There are several considerations that have to be thought through before going ahead with the shopping app development. Is your audience local to your town or city, or do you cater to the whole state or even the entire country? Apps can be developed for a particular region or to cover larger areas.

We can also define the type of app by the platform. You can have online shopping apps for Android and iOS. This app will work on almost every type of phone and reach a large number of people.

If you product is for a specific audience, such as iPhone users only, the shopping app can be made accordingly. You opt for shopping app development which is strictly for iPhone users.

The most important part of shopping app development is choosing a good web application development company NYC.

App development is a complex process. Hiring a good app development company is important

Choosing the right mobile app development company

The first rule for successful ecommerce mobile app development is to select a web application development company which has the expertise and experience. This will also end up being the cheapest option because you will get what you need in the shortest duration possible. There will be little need for modifications to the app. You will get a tried and tested app which will function perfectly without any glitches. If you are concerned about app development cost, we are your best choice. You can expect the best shopping app development services at the most reasonable price.


BluEnt is your web application development company. With our years of experience and the latest technology expertise you cannot find a better web application developer.

At BluEnt we help you conclude if an online shopping app will help to boost your business. If a shopping app is right for your business, we will help you design and develop the app. Get in touch with us and let us discuss what kind of online shopping app will suit your product and target audience.

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