16 Oct 2018

Must Have Features For A Good Intranet Portal

The communication and the flow of knowledge, forms the base of an organization. They play an important role in reaching towards the goal of an organization.

In order to achieve the objectives of an organization, internal teams have to play a vast and vital role in it. Thus, it is necessary to have precise communication among the internal team members of the organization. This is where the concept of Intranet emerges.


An intranet portal is a private network of the organization that can be accessed by the organization's members, employees or others who have the authority to access. Basically, it is a tool that enables organizations to maintain their data, applications and information in an effective manner.

Intranet Technology acts as a communication hub through which one can create a virtual workspace. Apart from this, it provides a great platform for training purposes of the organization where staff can be provided all the required content of their training needs.

Building effective Intranet portal software can avoid miscommunications among the internal staff members. The flow of communication becomes easier as every important information can be stored on the same portal. It also becomes easier for HR Executives to connect with their employees. The intranet has three core application areas which include internal communication, working medium, global interaction and networking between employees as a social medium.

Must have Features of an Intranet Portal:

In order to streamline internal communication and improve operational processes, a company must have the below 8 features in their intranet portals.

  • An Engaging and Interesting Content- As intranet portals are all about internal communications and information, the content must be personalized, interesting and engaging. It should be in a user friendly manner. The content must be short and easy to understand as it is use for communication purposes. Including images or videos to content will create more impact on the readers mind.

  • Document Management- The documents in the form of spreadsheets, slideshows and text documents must be compiled and consolidated. The user or reader must be able to easily refer any document required by them. All the important documents must be shared among the users of intranet portal for an effective flow of communication among them.

  • Workflows- The workflows are essential elements of the intranet tools as it can streamline all the operational processes. Hence, workflows must be used wisely in the portal. Be it a workflow of any projects or training modules, it must be designed in perfect sequences of actions.

  • An effective Workspaces for Team- Workspaces are mostly the areas on portal where team members can socialize as per their interests. Even the workspaces can be created for project specific communication. The teams can manage and are empowered to take control of their working spaces.

  • Mobile Friendly- Now-a-days, a mobile-driven culture is been adopted among the employees. The Intranet Portal must be such that can be easily accessed on mobile phones too. It enables employees to access their IDs from anywhere which can be more convenient option for them to communicate and interact.

  • Social Intranet Tools- With the growing trend of digitalization, social media is influencing even corporate too. Hence, a well-designed intranet with different widgets including social features like post, share, like, etc., employees can engage employees in a better way. Through this, employees can also share useful information with other team mates.

  • Up-to-date Profiles of Employees- Moreover, an effective intranet portal must comprise of detail of every employee working in an organization. It's massively important to have well populated, accurate, and up-to-date profiles for employees. The staff directory is often considered as a mandatory tool for an intranet. However, to be truly valuable to employees, it needs to go beyond a list of names and telephone numbers.

  • Quick and Easy Access to Important Tools- As intranet is a private network which is accessed for internal communications, it should provide quick and seamless access to business-critical tools, applications, and processes. With an easy portal layout, back links, etc. employees can easily access important information on Intranet portal solution.


Intranet is a network which is a dynamic and evolving space of an organization used for internal processes. Using above features in an intranet portal can serve the purpose of any organization. However, BluEnt a portal development company customizes intranet portals for its customers. Through its intranet services, BluEnt helps assist its client's team in the choice of technology, assessment of in-house hosting capabilities and reviewing licensing structure. Based on this analysis, it recommends the best possible modern intranet solutions for its clients' own tailor-made intranet portal.

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