27 Dec 2016

Mobile Meets Intranet: How Modern Companies Are Using Web Apps

As mobile devices become more and more prevalent in the business environment, technology corporations use has to adapt to meet changing employee needs – and company intranet is no exception.

If you haven't incorporated mobile intranet into your organization, you're probably missing out on a significant level of employee productivity. Workers spend unnecessary downtime when away from their work computer, on their commute to the office, and at their home searching for information in ineffective ways.

Through responsive UX & UI, mobile accessibility enables them to tap into this potential for additional productivity. It allows them to navigate to your intranet application from not only their cellphone but any device, of any size, anywhere.

But there's more to earning that operational efficiency than responsive design. In this article, we'll walk you through what mobile intranet apps have to offer.

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Why Choose Mobile Intranet?

  1. Improved Adoption Rates: A survey by Prescient Digital Media revealed that a mere 13% of employees participate in their intranet websites daily, while 31% never participate at all. An intranet is useless if no one decides to use it. Considering that 80% of internet users own a smartphone, it is much easier to convince employees to get on board when your company intranet is optimized for mobile.

  2. Faster Employee Action Time: These days, business can take place in a million different spaces besides the office – from coffee shops to the back of a taxi, professional need a way to access corporate intranet when they're away from a computer. With mobile intranet, simple tasks can be completed from anywhere to reduce unnecessary wait time.

  3. More Efficient Communication: Internal communications should not be limited to email, phone calls and face-to-face. The beauty of mobile intranet applications is that it gives access to wealth of different methods of communication on the go, enabling them to collaboration effectively with one another at all times rather than having to catch up on a mess of unorganized notifications every time they enter the office.

  4. Better Productivity: As we mentioned earlier, mobile intranet is perfect for the dozens of small tasks that can be completed in a few minutes of spare time. Equipping them to do so on their phones reduces the friction that might delay or prevent them from doing so on a desktop, thus reducing idle time, improving employee satisfaction, and enhancing productivity rates.

  5. Saved Money: Brainstorming sessions, team discussions, and other daily meetings are a regular occurrence at any effective organization. But face-to-face meetings can become costly, especially when hefty travel expenses are involved. Mobilizing your intranet portal presents opportunities to move some of these meetings to the digital sphere, which is especially useful for those which are more informative or confirmatory in nature. IBM developed one such in-house telecommunication software that helped them decrease the number of employee business trips, which alone has saved them upwards of $700 million in company travel costs per year.

  6. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Advantages: Now that it is common for professionals to bring a laptop, tablet, cellphone, and often even a second cellphone to the office, the concept of "bring your own device" is now mainstream in the world of business. Employees want to complete their work on their own terms, using tools that are familiar to them and optimized for their personal preferences. With mobile intranet, any of these devices are fair game for getting the job done.

Tips for Success

  1. Use a Mobile-First Approach: Think about how your employees will use mobile intranet differently from traditional corporate intranet. For example, if the majority take public transport, they might benefit from blogs and articles to read during the commute. Conversely, if many take a car to work, you could consider adding podcasts that they can play while they drive. Figuring out how your workers use their mobile devices and create an intranet with features that hone in on these behaviours.

  2. Focus on Basic Features Done Right: Since employees won't need access to every intranet feature they might use on desktop when they're on the go, simplify your mobile intranet as much as possible. There's no point in configuring a way for them to use half the features if they don't make sense for the mobile user experience. Focus on key methods of facilitating communications, notifications, and community. These will be the tools that enable workers to stay up-to-date on projects and one another's work.

  3. Experiment with Gamification: Another idea to consider is intranet gamification, which takes elements that are native to gameplay and applies them to a business context to encourage healthy competition. For mobile intranet, this could be a way to incentivize regular use of the portal by offering perks to those who reach predefined goals. As always, this will be most successful when you pay attention to what your employees value and incorporate these into the user experience and reward system.

  4. Find the Right Fit for Your Company: The key to achieving all these goals is finding the right developer that understands your needs. At BluEnt, we are committed to providing you with an web portal development 100% tailored to your enterprise, down to the personalized look and feel of the portal itself. We take into consideration the unique size and requirements of the company and create a system that most effectively supports cross-functional alignment towards common organizational objectives.

To take advantage of the latest innovation in the company intranet, fill out a form today and find out how BluEnt can make it happen.

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