09 May 2017

How mobile app deep linking development can boost your business

I recently had a chance to meet a college friend after a long time. Turns out, she has become a businesswoman – just like she always dreamt of being one day. Her online handicrafts store is doing really well with a steady income. However, when we got to talking about the challenges in maintaining the stability of the business and customer base, she voiced her concerns.

"Why don't you go for a mobile app?", I asked.

"Well, we already do. The problem is giving users the experience that they want to come again and again to the store," she remorsefully exclaimed.

"Well, it seems your problem is not the fact that you do not have customers, your problem is that you cannot retain your customers. Isn't it? Have you tried deep linking your app?" I asked.

"I am not sure what you mean."

And that hit the home run. We zeroed in on the problem. But it got me thinking. Not all businesses can afford monthly marketing and advertising consultation, especially the small and medium businesses who solely survive on marketing and creating a brand value for themselves. While mobile apps for small businesses is pretty much needed these days, it is almost imperative that your marketing efforts are targeted and focused too. This way, your customers will flock to your site regularly and not one time.

The result? Maximum value. Achieved.

A lot has been said about mobile apps and why it important to have one for your business. However, to be ahead of the curve, you need to step up your game. You need to go deep. Deep linking in mobile app is the new "in" and can do wonders for your business.

Sounds inspiring! Can you tell me more?

Sure. Read on!

Mobile app deep linking: The Basics In the simplest of terms, deep links on a mobile app are like hyperlinks except that they send users to a specific screen within the mobile app rather than directing to a web page.

Deep linking in mobile application development uses Uniform Resource Identifier or URI to link specific locations within the app. The technology can be used in a variety of ways and has become mainstream with inclusion into apps by Huffington Post and Read/Write Web.

Technically put, deep links are URLs for mobile apps which help in communication between apps. These communications may be of the following nature:

  1. Website to app

  2. App to app

  3. SMS to app

  4. E-Mail to app

  5. Ad to app

  6. Search page to app

  7. Social media to app

Mobile AppImage Source

Deep linking has profound uses to business marketing and is already being termed as the next big asset to the marketers. Using deep links, you can offer ease of navigation to your customers and improve the app user experience significantly. Outcome? More leads that convert to regular happy customers!

Deep linking enables app users to engage users with their favorite content on the app. When a potential customer realizes that the content on his mobile screen is relevant to his needs, your app will have more installs, user engagement and not to mention, lead conversion.

Did I get you interested? Good. Because there is more.

Here are some more reasons why having deep linking within your app will benefit you as a small business owner:

  • Better user experience

    You can engage your users by providing them with the exact content they need, thereby eliminating the search for relevant content. Instead of seeing the home screen, you are providing seamless navigation to the content of your customer's liking. The more relevant content your users have, the better chances you have of providing a fabulous user experience to your audience. Which takes us to the next level.

  • Better user experience results in user engagement and retention

    According to a study done by TechCrunch for 150,000 anonymous mobile app users, it was found that relevant, contextual deep linking inside the app resulted in almost double in-app signups.

    Activation RateImage Source

    Not only this, there was almost doubled increase in repeated users, retention rates and activation rates as compared to users using apps without deep links.

  • Mobile app Deep linking provides personalized customer service

    Since the user will be directed to the app content relevant to his interests, you would succeed in delivering a personalized and customized experience – the very core of marketing in modern times. The result would be improved user onboarding and brand building. Moreover, with deep linking your app, you can re-engage inactive users with contextual content. Throw in exclusive deals, cash back and reward points and you have set yourself a loyal customer base.

  • Ace your marketing targets

    Deep linking can help drive your revenue targets and increase sales. Redirecting your customer to the app screen where they can buy products directly, will not only add to your total revenue but also put in a good word for how awesome your site is.

  • Help your app have a better rank

    Google indexing favors deep linking. This means that app content also shows up in the search engine results similar to a website. The more relevant the content is to the user, the more chances your app has pf reaching higher up the ladder.

  • Deep linking drives analytics too!

Since deep linking works with data, you can gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns. Deep linking your mobile app gives you important insights into what strategies work and which don't. E-Mail? SMS? Ads? Referrals? Social media? Deep linking assimilates all these sources.

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