08 Aug 2019

Joomla CMS: Pros and Cons of Latest Joomla Extensions

The advancement in technology has brought about Improvement in the development, design, and management of websites. And other the need to engage readers or visitors, it becomes crucial to manage the content posted on the website, which gives rise to Content Management System (CMS). If you desire to create a Joomla website for best results, hire a professional company. At BluEnt we ensure that maximum value is achieved.

What Is CMS?

CMS is an acronym for "Content Management System." It is an application, or software or a program used for the creation and management of digital content. A CMS is an easy-to-use application that simplifies the control of content on a website without technical knowledge or training. It allows users to add, edit, and delete images and texts in a website on the go.

Areas of Use of CMS

CMS is used for the following:

  1. Web Content Management (WCM)

  2. Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

It is noteworthy that both WCM and ECM have two components: a Content Delivery Application (CDA) and Content Management Application (CMA). Both of these systems do not require the knowledge of HTML before the user can create, modify, and remove content from a website.

Functions of CMS

Many CMSes are available on the market, and they have different features. However, here are their functions:

  1. Seamless indexing, search, and retrieval of data for hassle-free access via search functions using parameters such as author, keywords, or publication dates.

  2. Possibility of updating and editing the content after the initial publication. It also tracks revisions made by individuals.

  3. CMS enables users to use templates allowed by the organization.

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What Is Joomla CMS?

Joomla is a topnotch Content Management System trusted by several website owners. It comes with templates and extensions to provide an enhanced service to users.

Joomla is one of the most widely used CMSes that is used for creating, editing, and removing content on a website. Due to the simplicity of the Joomla, it becomes easy to manage content effectively.

Features of the Latest Joomla Extensions

Since its launch, Joomla has made tremendous improvements that enhance its functionality and delivery of the best value possible to users. Below are some of the features of the latest Joomla extensions:

  1. Multilingual Websites

    The most recent Joomla extensions allow having multiple sites in different languages right from the point of installation. It requires the selection of additional languages, and the extensions will translate the content to the chosen languages without installing or paying other third-party services.

  2. Enhanced Security

    Irrespective of your experience in setting up a CMS, Joomla assures you of security with your website. The developers keep improving and fixing the latest security issues regularly, but users are responsible for the protection of their domain.

  3. Complex Content Management

    The latest Joomla extensions are primarily designed for the management of complex website project and functionalities beyond mere blogging. However, users can run a blog successfully using Joomla.

  4. Easy, Fast, and Safe Content Editing

    Joomla prioritizes the integrity or security of users' data by locking content during editing. Besides, it is easier to edit content using the latest Joomla extensions due to tools that resemble working on Microsoft Word document.

  5. Powerful Menu Creation Tool

    Among all CMSs, the latest Joomla extensions have the most straightforward procedure for creating menus pointing to different locations, whether internally or externally. The tool is easy-to-use and powerful.

  6. Customization

    With in-depth knowledge of PHP, the latest Joomla extension can be hacked and customized to optimize or extend its performance but at the owner's expense because such hacked and customized Joomla extension will not be upgradable any longer.

  7. Built-in Caching for Faster Site Loading Speed

    The latest Joomla extension comes with in-built caching, which makes Joomla sites load about 20 times faster than websites using other CMSs. Joomla sites perform better, faster, and provide a better user experience.

  8. Built-in Basic SEO Function

    Joomla supports basic search engine optimization with its built-in Search Engine Friendly (SEF), which works on Joomla sites for SEO purposes. It allows users to set meta keywords and meta descriptions of any webpage.

  9. Extensive Collection of Templates

    The latest Joomla extension comes with a large collection of templates that allow the creation of a wide variety of websites from simple to corporate websites that meet the international standard. Whatever type of website you wish to create, you would undoubtedly find a suitable template that fits perfectly into your plan. Meanwhile, you have to ensure that Joomla template you want to use matches the latest Joomla extension you are using because templates for one version do not work with other versions.

Pros of Joomla CMS

Joomla is a powerful CMS specially designed for the publication of web content. It enables users to build functional online applications. There are over 2 million websites that are powered by Joomla content management system. Here are the pros of Joomla CMS.

  1. Content Creation and Management

    Joomla supports the creation of different types of content, such as articles, modules, menus, and lots more. Joomla performs better than other CMSes in this regard.

    Besides, different types of content created can be managed separately in their segregated parts from the admin panel.

    Also, users can make notes on the content being created as a reminder when they want to edit the content later. Users can use modules, menus, tags, or articles to display content differently.

    Furthermore, as part of Joomla's superior functionality, it is possible to display or hide some fields or data on articles like hiding an author's name.

  2. Beginner-Friendly

    This is one of the cutting edges of Joomla CMS since its inauguration in 2005 - it is straightforward to use. Users of Joomla do not necessarily have to be professionals at HTML or other programming languages. Beginners can lay their hands on this product without any complexities or hassles.

    Although Joomla can be used to create complex websites, beginners can also use Joomla with moderate proficiency without any difficulties - everything needed is well-laid out in the most proficient manner.

    Furthermore, a Joomla is designed with a friendly user interface. Users can find the needed tools easily without any difficulties.

  3. Awesome For SEO

    Joomla has been upgraded for search engine optimization, which is not better than most CMSes. Although several websites had a difficult time achieving good Google ranking results, it is now possible and better to create topnotch sites with attention to user experience and search engine optimization. All content is rendered for SEO, and they deliver to the best level possible.

  4. Best for Performance Management

    A good CMS must be able to track its performance. In this regard, Joomla is integrated with several optimization techniques that enable the monitoring of the performance of its websites. Being able to measure and track performance is one of the factors for measuring the success of a website. As a result, Joomla is packaged with powerful caching fools that allow administrators to maintain order and show the cached items.

  5. Extremely Versatile

    Joomla is highly versatile as it is also best suited for e-commerce sites. Although Joomla does not natively support e-commerce stores it, however, is integrated with e-commerce solution – VirtueMart that competes favorably with other solutions like Drupal, WordPress, and WooCommerce. VirtueMart is a powerful extension that offers the kind of e-commerce solution that any business may require.

  6. Powerful Extensions

    Joomla has amazing premium extensions that are well developed and highly resourceful. The interesting fact about these extensions is that developers are committed to them. Extensions like Hikashop, Virtue mart, and JomSocial are amazing, and they are some til very strong and getting better.

  7. Easy Installation and Setup

    The cutting-edge advantage of Joomla is in its installation and setup processes. Although it is lengthier in installation, it is not complicated to install. As a user or administrator, you can customize your long-term settings to suit the needs of your website without any hassles.

    Easy to Update and Upgrade

  8. One of the leading pros of Joomla is that it can be updated and upgraded at the push of a button and it gets updated easily and fast unlike years back when the process was cumbersome and time-consuming.

Cons of Joomla

  1. Complexity

    Joomla is more complex than other CMSs like WordPress. If you need to install it for your website, be prepared to spend a good time moving from one process to another. Meanwhile, the complexity of Joomla does not amount of being a negative attribute.

  2. Fewer Free Extension

    Joomla comes with fewer free extensions when compared with WordPress. The former has around 10,000 while the latter boasts of more than 54,000 extensions. When you need to build a website, you are likely to rely on premium extensions, unlike when you work with WordPress that offers several free and useful extensions.

  3. Compatibility Issues

    You are likely to experience compatibility issues when you install various modules plugins or extensions simultaneously. This slows down the setting up process as it requires several attempts to fix the issues before completing the installation and setting up.

Irrespective of some cons of Joomla, it remains a great CMS that offers a premium experience. You cannot go wrong when you choose Joomla for your website.

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