10 Dec 2018

How To Hire an iPhone App Developer for iOS App Development

The mobile landscape is perpetually changing and to hire an iPhone app developer is not a simple task. If you look at the advancement curve in the app world – there is always an invention of new programming languages, graphics frameworks, APIs, and even interface designs.

The developers need to be proficient and skilled enough in design and coding to actually build an app from scratch. However, if you are only looking at upgrading an existing app then getting an iPhone app programmer isn't going to be that tough.

There is a large number of developers for just iPhone and that in itself can be quite challenging. You need to know how to intelligently hire iOS app developer that fits your project needs.

Hence, before you actually shortlist and hire an iPhone app developer here are a few questions to get you started.

  • Why do you need an app developer?

    Yes, as cheesy and cliched as this sounds. Getting down to the bottom of this will help you define exactly 'who' you are looking for.

  • Why do you need a dedicated one?

    Dedicated is an overused term and understanding why you need one can help you design a proper process to hire an iPhone app developer

  • What all qualities of iPhone application developers or a team should you look for?

    This one is simple, isn't it?

  • How to ensure that you have selected the right one?

    A little tricky, but gaining an insight on expectations, outcomes and results will go a long way!

So, once you jot these down, you can being the search and hiring process for iOS app developer New York. To conjure a valuable and deep understanding on how to hire iOS app developer, BluEnt professionals have designed a set of priceless tips.

How To Hire iOS App Developer – Expert tips

Tapping into project requirements

Start-ups need to keep in mind that not all apps are the same. While a game app requires different models and expertise, an ecommerce app has an entire different model. Few complex apps might require specialized skill sets.

Hence, it is integral to gather all the app requirements. That will give you a clear indication of the type and level of skill needed from your iPhone application developer.

Bonus Tip 1: Delve into a few articles on the iOS design process or tips for successful iOS apps, what's new with Swift 3, and iOS graphics APIs and frameworks etc. There's plenty to surf through online. Having clarity on this will help you reach the next level – creative brief!

Work on a basic creative brief

Who needs this? You. This information on a document can help you access high quality and high-level details on the subject. It will help you and your iPhone app programmer to understand every deliverable, the target audience, your brand guidelines.

This in turn will help both you and the app developer to stay with the vision of the app and work towards meeting the goals.

You can't do without a JD

Job description may seem like a very simple task. It is and can be if you know exactly what you are looking for, rather who you are looking for. Not every mobile app development company is the same, neither are the  iPhone app programmers!

Hence, this is a vital step when you want to hire a iPhone app developer who is competent enough to meet you project needs! For example, If you're looking for a developer who has worked on more than a few apps, make sure Objective C is definitely on the list and that they do object-oriented programming.

Bonus Tip 2: Make the JD as exhaustive and define your project requirements and role of the iPhone application developer as clearly as possible. Mention everything you want your app developer to have – from years of experience to the number of similar iOS apps they have developed in the past!

The first level portfolio

The reason we call it the first level portfolio is that you need to do the first screening on basis of the job description and what the resume truly contains. You will know instantly if the portfolio is worth it!

The first screening will save you a lot of time. There are iPhone application developers who may not read the job description thoroughly and yet submit their resume. It will save you a lot of time if you can screen it and then make them a part of the hiring process – if they meet your JD requirements!

Bonus tip 3: Study the iOS app development services that iPhone application developers or mobile app development company should offer!

Learn more about Product Development Services .

Assess the experience level and technical expertise

And then the real process begins - how to hire iOS app developer! This process is exhaustive and time-consuming. You need to get down to minute technical details that the techy forces come with.

Get deep into what they know, what they are capable of, how they can handle your project and what ideas would they spontaneously come up with! Deep dive into challenges they faced in the past and how they countered them. Now it's not just about the resume – but what they truly know!

Bonus Tip 4: A good iPhone developer will have a number of tips and tricks up their sleeves with regards to submissions to the App Store. If they do, it will save you a lot of time in the end. You don't want to be rejected by Apple, because the reprocessing can take up to 10 days!

Evaluate past work and client references

Going through their past work in great details is mandatory! It will help you gather more insight into the developer's or for that matter any application development company strength and weaknesses when it comes to iOS development.

Resume and potential employee can speak a thousand words. But only when client references validates it – you know you have the right one!

Then the qualities!

In between the face to face interaction keep a checklist for a few attributes. For example, confidence level – check! professionalism – check and many more! Yes, this is essential. You don't want an iOS developer who goes missing for days or doesn't show the spine to handle a complicated challenge!


The hiring process can seem overwhelming but it's really not. If you are looking to hire an iPhone app developer, Talk to us! We can show you how easy it is to actually hire a great one that fits your project needs. All you need is organization and a tad bit of patience!

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