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Impact of Health and Fitness Apps on Community Engagement

November 22, 2017
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Keeping your body in shape isn't mostly an easy task for people. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become more challenging in this modern busy world.

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Don't you want to look like Mathew McConaughey or Jessica Biel? Of course, you do. Apart from the fact that people look amazingly good with the fitness regime, they get to live healthily and fit life as well. And, we should also get our head straight and start giving it a thought.

Most of us are stuck in the desk jobs which dominates the corporate culture in comparison to the jobs which require a decent amount of physical activity. This surely leads you to many serious diseases and health-related problems. We usually come up with a busy work schedule or extra expenses for the gym as an excuse. Just get over your heap of excuses and take this situation in your hand.

In fact, it's already in your hand in the form of a smartphone. With the progressing technology, many fitness gadgets have been in demands from the past couple of years and it has become comparatively feasible to approach a healthy life now.

Emerging market for health and fitness apps has become a more doable concept which fits the lifestyle of many. Just assume that you are sitting in the countryside which don't have the amenities for physical activities or whether to support your adventurous outings.

What would you do in such a scenario? Nothing? With the help of fitness apps, you can avail the benefits in a way we have never thought before. In fact, it has been predicted that more than 3.4 billion smartphones and gadget users would download one or the other fitness app.

What are these factors which attract communities towards this eye-catching growth of fitness and wellness apps?  Stop wondering.

BluEnt has elaborated the major factors which are contributing to the success story of fitness apps utilizing the social communities:

  • Shared passion creates stronger communities

    It is evidently believed that the group of people who share common interests make a stronger team. One of the secrets behind the success of fitness apps is the common passion for cycling, soccer, yoga etc.

    Fitness apps provide the platform to start a conversation and opportunities to pursue activities around it which enhances the community engagement with the technology. It is a community app out of a community.
  • Set goals and track your progress

    The human brain can't turn down a challenge and that's what workout apps do to you. You can set goals to achieve every day such as 8000 steps or 5 km, weight loss, calorie count etc.

    A plethora of options is available in mobile apps which help you to carry your mini health record in your pocket. Moreover, it also allows you to track your progress every day. It's like walking with your 'personal trainer'. Many feel that why do I need to track my progress?

    Because there is nothing better than knowing that your hard work is paying off. And, mobile fitness tracker app lets you do it in a fun manner. In fact, many apps have interactive features which allow users to learn about other fitness plans.

    This ray of competition keeps you motivated and encourage people to stick to their fitness plans as you don't feel alone in it. Mobile app stakeholders can tie up with a local event or create an event which encourages participation and awareness towards the leading goal.

    This helps in building a strong community of your target audience.
  • Motivation is the key

    Without a zeal and motivation, an ant also can't cover a small distance of the wall. Adding a feature which allows connecting with your friends, family and like-minded fitness freaks take you a long way.

    Ability to share experiences, teasing or pointing out mistakes help users to keep their momentum and spirits higher. Sharing has always done well to people on both sides.

    Communicating about your progress and accomplishments in the defined community was never done before in such an effective manner.

There are hundreds of reasons to demonstrate health app benefits and why to use them. With the help of virtual challenges, video inspiration and progress tracking features, one can motivate and turn boring exercise into something fun.

If you think that the market is already filled with such apps, you are highly mistaken. If you want to develop an app on your passion, just do some research in your region and figure out the favorite passion shared by people such as soccer or running and develop a community app around it. This is the simplest explanation.

Your idea shouldn't be bound by limitations. BluEnt is a mobile app development company with a bunch of experienced development geeks and millennials to assist you with your community app idea.

Share your idea and we would consult you to achieve the maximum value in your aspirations.

Maximum Value. Achieved.


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