30 Aug 2017

How To Pick a Kickass App Name

Naming your app is more difficult than naming your kids. Honest to God! We'll still try to tell you how to come up with a kickass app name.

No matter how much you try to find that one perfect name, something remains untouched. You forget keywords, sometimes there are unintentional spelling errors and your app slips to make a mark. App name suggestions are worse because then you get confused with all the choices that are available. We at BluEnt, demystify how to pick up the right app name for you.

First of all, perfect app names do not exist.

Surprise! There are only good and bad app names. What creates the difference is the feeling of belonging that people associate with an app name that makes it 'perfect'... Do you know something now, Dear Jon Snow? We'll try to tell you the key tips to choose an app name. Most catchy ones cover 2 or 3 of these areas. Let us know in comments which one of these you prefer.

  • The android app name or iPhone app name should be fun to say

    Peppermint schnapps! Betty Crocker! Etsy! Snapchat! Whatsapp!Why do I list these names? Well, because I like saying them over and over. And so do people. It only makes sense that your app name should flow off your tongue when you pronounce it. The easier it is to speak, the easier your app will travel through word of mouth. And mind you, your English Majors Degree is of no use here, unless you want to write a damn academic article on your app. It is great copywriting skills that make all the difference.


  • Can you see the trends right now?

    When you go for app development, looking out for trends in not like John Cena. You CAN identify them and base your development on these trends to create a useful and profitable app.Trends are always there. You can stay in a groove to create good, nonboring apps. For instance, -ify trend is pretty obvious, don't you think? Gamify, Spotify, Shopify, Voxify, Authentify, so much -ifys around, I want to Fly! Just kidding! You want to get in on the trends as they're fresh out of an oven. That being said, it is too late to jump the -ify wagon.

    So, what's trending right now?

    • Dropping second last syllables; Fetchr, Vouchr etc.

    • Adding y at the end; Findery, Jelly etc

    • Adding an i at the end; Bubbli

    • Replacing syllables with others that are pronounced the same; Lyft

    • Some random name that sounds good; Asana, Canva

    Pretty much anything will work as long as it is something that you could relate to ongoing trends.

  • Branding affects your app name too

    Logos are not brands. A brand is a feeling that you associate with individual, services or products. A brand is how a business wants itself to be perceived by the public and stakeholders.You associate McDonald's with loved ones, Apple with class and style and Coca Cola with friendship.

    In short,

    What does your brand stand for?

    The day you find this out, you will have a name that is perfect for your app. Your mobile application is not just an app. It is a medium through which you reach out to people, you build your brand. Your app names need to stem from your brand value. Distractify rightfully distracts you with its amazing content, Buzinga creates a buzz around creativity, DropBox is self-explanatory.

    We hope you caught our drift!

  • Keep it keyword rich

    Yea, yeah, the boring stuff. We get it. But you need business from your app, don't you?Moz reports that around 20% app downloads occur because of keyword highlighted search results. Also, the title that you provide to your app is the most authoritative search data which app store engines use.

    Some shining examples are

    • Whatsapp Messenger

    • Pandora Radio

    • com Hotels & Vacation Rentals

    You don't need to go all French here to add zing and class. But do a thorough competitive analysis and keyword search before you think your name through.

  • 'Explainofy' your app – We created this word up

    Not always necessary, but your app should describe its key value for the end user. See this, SocialMuse, where you find a community or users with musical tastes similar to yours, Shopify lets you build your business on the go and so on.Descriptive names tell what the app does even before it is downloaded.

  • Mix 'n match

    If you want to get creative, then you can mix your app description and your tentative app name.Like, Pinterest lets you save pins (photos) of interest, Trendabl helps fashionistas share fashion by taking photos and adding filters and captions of design labels and then sharing it on social media.

It can be tough deciding on how to pick an app name, but once you do decide, you can reap enormous popularity with higher search engine rankings and increased downloads. If you're having trouble, you can reach out to us. With our years of experience in working with app development, we've gathered a fair idea of how and what works for app stores and what doesn't. just give us a call or drop us a mail.

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