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How To Ensure Security In Your Web Application?

December 19, 2017
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Planning to upgrade your web applications security? Here are some things you can do.

If you were to ask any web development expert, they’d tell you that securing web applications is the most important step as far as web app development is concerned. Well, of course, right? What is the point of developing a high-tech web application if it isn’t secure enough? With technological advancement, our lives have certainly become easier, but we’ve become all the more vulnerable. Think about the digital footprint we leave everywhere we go. All our information today is online, just one click away. In such times, it is essential to come up with web applications that are absolutely secured.

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Here are some ways that can help you ensure web app security

Don’t just rely on user inputs

If you are speaking of security in web applications, remember that user input is not always helpful. In the world of social media, where everyone has an account in at least one of the major social media platforms, user input is galore. What’s more, most of the input provided by users in the form of text, images and graphics are not verified by the social media platforms. In that case, it is important to be able to filter through the user inputs.

Know the threats lurking in every corner

If you are managing a web application, this is not a new point for you. By now, you may have even encountered some of the threats we’re speaking of. Since there are millions of web applications online, there are almost twice as many threats, just waiting for you to slip up. Now, it is important to understand where your vulnerabilities lie and try to understand them. If you have an idea of your threats, you would know how to tackle them better.

Know your security controls

Now depending on the kind of platform you are using or the kind of language you use (be it PHP or Java), you should know the security controls for that specific language or platform. Now ideally, there should be an entire team managing a web application. It is recommended that each member of the team should be familiar with the security controls in order to optimize security.



Don’t write your security controls yourself

Unless you are trained in the field, please refrain from writing your security controls yourself. We aren’t saying that you will fail, but these security controls probably won’t be as effective as the ones written by someone who deals with security round the clock. Why not leave it to the professionals? We recommend that you dedicate an entire team to security to maximize it.


If you were wondering how to secure web applications, this is it. These are some steps to secure web applications which could come in handy. BluEnt is one of the leading companies in website development and design. With a team of professionals, BluEnt offers you a range of the best services.

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