17 Aug 2018

Creating a Successful Online Dating Web Apps: Tips on dealing with pitfalls

"We met through an online dating web application and instantly connected." Online dating is not a new concept. Remember "You've got mail"? Even though the movie had released eons ago, it was an online shenanigan that bought two people together.

Dating web apps for relationships has gained a huge momentum and today there are millions of dating web apps! Just hit search for dating apps 2018 and your entire Google page will be flooded with one application more perfect that the other.

The challenge for businesses when designing online dating web apps for relationships is that there are already a zillion dating apps for singles in the market. Online dating web applications are not always taken seriously as there have been cases of registered sex offenders taking advantage of such apps. To make the online dating web applications stand out and create a worthwhile dating experience can be a strenuous task. However, with the dating industry being one of the hottest and the most popular one, online dating web applications will always be a hit.

Did you know that Tinder and Bumble are the two biggest dating web apps for relationships that have a huge fan following and a large number of loyal users? The question that most businesses have in mind is how to create a valuable experience for their users and how to showcase themselves as 'unique' and 'effective'.

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Again, we need to keep in mind the kind of users that exist today – from those who are looking for a serious relationship to those who just want to flirt a little to those who are about to take 'dating' seriously. Whoever your users are going to be, the idea is to create an app that is gratifying and useful in achieving their goals.

Building the next Tinder? BluEnt's professionals have highlighted a few expert tips to ensure that your online dating web application is a huge success. When designing the app, BluEnt developers cover the basics but the core focus in on adding that edge that will make the app unique and successful.

The basics in the online dating web application includes:

  • The registration process: This is an important one! You should provide access control options that enable the users to log in or sign up via their social network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram. This way all the personal data can be imported easily without the user having to spend a lot of time in creating a profile. The key part of the registration process is authentication.?

    If you are going to use social network sign-up, please ensure to add a disclaimer for all your users stating that you won't be sharing or posting any information associated with your online dating web applications. Dating apps still hold a level of scepticism hence there could be privacy concerns – addressing this would get you brownie points!

    Her, a lesbian dating app, ensures that their users signing up via Facebook are all females so they don't have to get dubious about getting matched with straight men. They even have a system that helps them check if the email has been used to create other social network accounts – giving a better insight into if the user is fake or not and if they are a woman!

  • Creating user profile: This is a challenge with users who are sceptical. Gathering as much data as you possibly can to improve in-app searching and matching can be daunting. The profiles are the core base on which dating web apps for relationships survive. However, keeping your security in check and explaining about how the profile will increase the chances of finding someone with a higher compatibility might do the trick. This can be elucidated when designing 'how to use dating apps'.

  • Matching algorithm: Do you know AI has taken over the world by a storm? Yes. Even the dating world. Have you heard of how Bernie A.I. employs neural networks to automate partner selection. Not only is this 'perfect' but your users don't waste any time! Even a dating app like Zoosk gives a lot of weightage to the functionality of searching and matching, calling on complicated algorithms and machine learning.

    You could even add a comprehensive filter search (distance, age, religion, education etc.) which would be most relevant to your audience. This will help in narrowing down the options to a large degree. Incorporating a personality test to offer analysis and recommendations from your end can be a big hit!

  • Advanced Features: Features such as live chats, profile ratings, comments and push notifications can only add value to your app. Don't forget that apart from the basics you can go that extra way by including 'communication' concepts such as instant messaging, sending an interesting emoticon to express interest to sending digital gifts!

These were the core features with a few twisters that could make your app stand out. However, focusing on the advanced feature can drive immense success. A couple of them that is significant to a dating web app development company is security and user experience.

Matching algorithms isn't enough, safety first!

Every dating web app development company knows the importance of security and experience when it comes to building dating web apps for relationships. However, to deliver this and convincing the users that they are safe is a daunting task.

The biggest pitfall of not building a secured enough app can affect the business in a big way. Thus security check for users signing up is extremely vital to assure that your users are safe. Investing in a good one is going to give you a competitive edge.

Focus on user experience!

Core features that include the registration process, profile picture, searching and matching et al are significant however in order to gain that competitive advantage focus on the advanced features. First and foremost, define your users. It will help to understand the kind of features you can incorporate to make the experience more unique and great.

Every web app development company is working towards creating a great online dating web app but choosing the one that helps you find a mark in the dating web app world is very crucial. This means doing things differently and achieving fantastic outcomes. BluEnt app developers can assist you in creating a web app that is a huge success by focusing on 'niche' and 'uniqueness', not to build just any another dating app.

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