12 Jun 2018

How Live Chat Boosts Your Business

Getting your questions answered real-time while shopping online makes a huge difference in converting prospects into the sale.

Quality customer service is one of the great tools to gain and retain customers for the longer period. Your existing customers become the medium of spreading good feedback around and advocating your brand to earn new client base. But how would you achieve such scenario?

Live chat proves to be a successful way of communicating online to your existing and potential customers; whether they want to know more about your company, a particular service, or just a simple navigation through your website. This way you are engaging your audience and answering their queries directly which helps you earn the trust and confidence of your customers. The conventional ways, such as emails and calls, are comparatively less attractive to people because they are time-consuming and lower the response rate than live chat. Customer satisfaction rate for live chat is 73% whereas emails and calls are only 61% and 44% respectively. We always wonder where the difference lies.

Let's learn few reasons to understand that how live chat can help your business to grow further.

Quick Response Convenience for Your Customers

Live chat gives the liberty to your customers by providing them the medium directly at the website to get in touch. Earlier customers had to get the assistance through email, call or social media which delays the solution for few hours or even days. For instance, let's assume that you went online to buy something you wanted for long. You have a constant assistance to enhance your shopping experience and clarify your concerns. This convenience helps brands to build a stronger relationship with their customers as customers know that you are always available instantly to help them. This builds long-term customer relationship and loyalty towards your brand.

Live chat becomes quite effective in answering critical questions or giving advice to customers while shopping for any product or availing any service through your website. It eventually helps you build a stronger rapport with your customers.

Saves Your Money and Increase the Revenue

Getting live chat support for the business isn't going to be an expensive deal for you. You can implement this service and it is highly capable of paying its own bills with the increasing number of conversions. Live chat tool assists in enhancing the average order value per customer. It allows you to provide helpful advice on the product type, material range and the plethora of other product confusions. This leads to timely conversions and saving your money as you can avoid a loss on the return policy process. Live chatting also increases the efficiency of your work. You can handle multiple customers at a time, unlike attending calls where one caller can solve one issue at a time. This practically decreases the waiting queue for your customers and makes more money by keeping fewer employees. Happy customer, happy you.

Improved Sales

Live chat leads to many opportunities to gain better sales. This unique feature allows businesses to always attend the customer's questions or confusions which can ensure sale to a greater extent. It is similar to a scenario where you walk into a store with the intention to buy a something you need, and you come across a perfect salesperson who would answer all your questions and genuinely guide you to buy that product. We are simply giving this service in the virtual world using live chat tools.

Once you gain the trust of your customer, you can use live chat as an upselling tool and it mostly ends up converting the happy customer.

Live chat also decreases the bounce rate from retail websites. So, it is a winning tool in many scenarios.

We, at BluEnt, recommend most of our customers to incorporate the live chat app for websites. BluEnt is a mobile and web app development company with its global presence. Our team of mobile app developers can create an innovative custom live chat app development for your business as we gain immense experience by observing and learning continuously from plenty of trends evolving in the digital market. Let's create a better live communication tool for your business.

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