14 Dec 2016

Shine Bright like Christmas Lights: 5-Step-Guide to Gain Clientele During the Festive Season

Festivals are loved by everyone, unless you're Scrooge. But if you think about it, he too came to like it in the end of "A Christmas Carol." Before getting distracted any further let's get down to the point of festivals being important. And that being the case, your mobile or web app needs to be in tune with the festivities.

A great example of this concept would be Google. Whenever there is a festival, a milestone that was achieved by a particular person or country or even the birth and death anniversary of people who have contributed to the society in the fields of science, commerce or arts, they have an illustration right above the search bar prompting people to know and search about the occasion. Now that, is innovative and innovation is what all successful businesses thrive on.

With everything being digital and computerized, people have slowly lost what you call, the "personal touch" and the values they had about a festival. This in fact is a great opportunity for businesses to prove to their clients that they care about them, to make them feel special. The little efforts taken by your business besides than just increasing sales create a brand loyalty towards your business, which will ultimately help you get your name out there.

In this weekly blog-post, we are going to focus on just one thing that is, how to make your clients feel special. This includes the various efforts you can take as a business to indubitably leave a mark on them.

Decorate your web/mobile app

The first step to make your customers feel special is by revamping your website or mobile app. Now that does not mean that you have to entirely do up website or mobile app; you just need decoration. By adding in couple of fun-facts, illustrations or just theme based decorations will somewhat remind your clients the charm about the festivities, and definitely bring a smile on their faces.

Keeping a theme based decoration for a limited time period is surely to get people talking about you and posting about you on social media. Another great example to look at is Starbucks and their red cups. A little before Christmas, almost an entire month before, Starbucks roll out their red cups for the Christmas season, which is an indicative for the upcoming festivities. Furthermore, having specific drinks like Peppermint Mocha, Chestnut Praline Latte, Eggnog Latte etc. close to Christmas time have made people to come for those drinks repeatedly. More than just come back, it makes people think about it over and over when the time of the year is close.

The point about keeping limited time sales is that it promotes your business in a different light and also lets people to want to find out more about your product and services as a whole. You are likely to see an increase in consumption of your products and services during the season of festivities.

Limited-Time Discounts

Another sure-shot method to boost your sales is by introducing limited-time discounts. This tried and tested method has always been able to earn businesses more clientele and without a doubt, they have worked wonders for everybody, those involved in the business and those involved with it. Limited-Time Discounts keep your consumers waiting and it gives you ample amount of time to tease them with your products or services on social media. During the festival season, people would skip their meals to snag a great deal on the internet.

The only thing you as a business have to keep in mind is the fact that once you introduce these discounts, you want your inventory to be stocked up and you want your shipping (if involved in e-commerce) to be on top of the game and talk to shipping companies before-hand simply because shipping companies too need a break. If you think that is not going to be possible then you should inform your customers that there will be a delay in shipping their products.

This will make you appear as a responsible and a trust-worthy business, which cares and keeps its customers in the light. It also impresses your customers with your management skills and will reduce the feeling of frustration as they would otherwise have.

Newsletters and Push Notifications

Your customers are not going to come to your website on a daily basis and search for discounts and sales your business might be conducting without any incentive. People do not have that much time and usually are so busy that they might even forget about your business as a whole, considering the competition that surrounds them. By using newsletters and push notifications which are information rich yet are not repetitive about the same thing over and over again on a daily basis can bring about a definitive change and increase sales. Being repetitive about the information you are willing to send out will push your clients' buttons and cause them to unsubscribe to your newsletters or delete your web/mobile app. Figuring out what information needs to be given out when and how many times can be a daunting and really confusing job. If you already think you are caught in that net of confusion, give us a call today so that we can help you to untangle.

Roll out an Advertisement

Festival time is the best time to roll out an advert about your products and services. You might think to yourself that push notifications and newsletters might do the job—but here's the issue about that. You do not know if your customers are reading their push notifications or newsletters. Sometimes they are sent to the 'promotions' or the devastating 'spam' box, which does not allow you to be able to communicate with your clientele easily. Rolling out an advertisement will make that job easier for you, for it becomes something they cannot ignore because of the various channels you can put them on. Still adamant that advertising won't change much? You might want to change your mind after watching this advertisement,  which is in tune with Christmas time. It's been watched more than 11 million times over the internet within 2 weeks.

No room for Bugs

It should be quite obvious by now, that almost every business is conducted over the Internet now. Which is a great thing, but only if your web/mobile app is able to withstand it. The Festive season means there's going to be an Internet downpour of deal-hungry people looking for gifts and things to buy. If your web/mobile app is not ready and will crash every-time some 30 people are using it, you will not be a favorite amongst people. In 2014, Myer, a giant retailer from Australia after advertising "Australia's biggest stock sale" had to deal with the embarrassment after a "communication breakdown" occurred which led the website unable to operate for a week! This was right after Christmas. You cannot afford to do that to your business. Sorting out the bugs and keeping a clean and load resistant web/mobile app is a service BluEnt can provide to you. Together, we can go Christmas Caroling, but that is another story altogether.

There is a different kind of joy received when your customers choose you to become a part of their lives by purchasing your products and services. But earning that level of trust is not easy. You have to be intuitive the needs and demands that are needed by your customers.

We know how much that means to you because we here at BluEnt have the same values. Get yourself a couple of extra hands while you manage the most important part of your business, your customers. Leave the technical stuff like creating and managing your web/mobile app to us.

Contact us today and get a quote.

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