31 Oct 2017

The future of UX design in the corporate world

In 2016-2017, we observed significant changes in the UX design industry

. This year, BluEnt predicts that these revolutionary changes are definitely here to stay. We will even see newer trends dominating the year 2018.

In the last couple of years we have seen the corporate industry embracing these new developments. Businesses have been in cutthroat competition to succeed as a top quality brand. Their main aim has been to provide a flawless and the best user experience to their customers.

User experience is considered to be an important ingredient of success for both small scale or large scale businesses. The main purpose of any application or website's innovative features is to attract the customers and help them with an option to have a clear and natural interaction with the tool.  When interacting with the product, the designers ensure that the users have an exciting time. Today, users need for simplicity is more dominant than ever so even if a specific application has knotty functionalities or features it should aim at providing a seamless experience for the customers.

Though there are quite a few innovative features that have made its way this year, BluEnt highlights the 3 core and super useful UX design trends that will dominate 2018. These can help an organization to compete successfully and keep their users satisfied.

Emphasis on individual differences: Making the design more user-focused

Today, the relationship between a company and the customer is very different from what it used to be. The companies are no longer just selling a product or a service but addressing and serving their needs. This is where the emphasis on making the design more user-centric is going to gain prominence in the year 2018.

By embracing a user-centric design, businesses are learning to focus on their end user's needs, wants and even limitations. With consumer's requirements and technology evolving at a quicker pace it is going to get even more significant for the businesses, whether big or small, to develop empathy with their users. A user-centric design will be one of the most beneficial trends in the following years.

The success story of parallax scrolling set to grow further

Parallax scrolling in UX design has been creating valuable benefits for the companies. It has started to gain more prominence and it set to evolve further in the coming years. It provides the end users with a wonderful experience and that's how the designers and organizations are attracting their target audience.

Whenever customers move the cursor, there is something new for them to know about. This gives the organizations an option to convey their messages in a more seamless form.

The future of parallax scrolling is unbeatable. It will help companies reduce bounce rate. By using parallax scrolling, companies can use 3D to showcase their product, allowing consumers to have a great impression about the brand. They can even take their users through a story-telling process, which can create an entirely different experience for them. The biggest benefit that organizations will gain from this feature is that it will drive users to stay on the page for a longer time.

Constructing a relationship with users through a content-rich website

As mentioned before, in the past only a transactional relationship existed between that of a buyer and the seller. So the design strategy that was always prominent was designing the website first and then fitting the content. However, today, content-rich websites have started creating a significant shift in website traffic for all kinds of businesses. The website that not only displays considerable content but also reduces the number of ads, sidebars and those 'extra' buttons. This allows the customers to go through the content without any insignificant distractions. The content allows the visitors to understand what the organization is all about and their only purpose is not to sell their service or product. In the year 2018, we will see this specific trend helping companies to tap the right target audience, build a long-term relationship with them and take their business success to a new level.

BluEnt designers can help both big and small business to boost leads and flourish their trade by adopting these innovative features and trends. Connect with us to know more.

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