21 Sep 2016

Don’t have a mobile app? This is what you’ll miss out on

The fancy looking device present in everybody's palms today has become the basis of all sorts of communication. Yes, we are talking about the mobile phone. From PokemonGo to a shopping online, everything is now available on these "smartphones." A study conducted by Gallop shows that most U.S Smartphone owners check their phones once on an hourly basis. Still not convinced that your business might need an app of its own? We wouldn't consider that to be a "smart decision."

There have been various studies which have shown that mobile media has been triumphant over desktop media in the present time, and are likely to keep that pace on the upwards. Statistics show that in the year 2016 alone, there have been a whopping 224,801 billion app downloads.

If that number has not yet impressed you, go on reading further to know what you will be missing out on if your business does not have a mobile app:

  • IT CREATES BRAND LOYALTY: Every market you would want to penetrate as an entrepreneur, there is always going to be competition. If you have been lucky enough to have tapped into a completely new market, it doesn't mean the good days of striving without any competition will carry on forward. Ultimately, it all depends on your customers, who they choose to trust more to purchase a certain product or service. Having a mobile app is not going to magically bring to you a sea of eager consumers, but it sure can help. Banners, Tv Ads, Newspaper ads, running up an online ad campaign on various social media platforms surely are effective measures, but they tend to lose their voice because the amount of advertisements switch a customer off since they can be really intense. Having a mobile app gives a personal touch to your customers and makes them feel more special.

  • CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: Having a mobile app with an instant messaging (IM) bridges the gap between you and your customers substantially. An IM option is certain to make your customers feel more valuable. Remember, good communication is key to everything. It is very easy to gain a customer, but as easy as it is to gain them, it is just as hard to retain them. Find out the tricks of the trade over hire mobile app developers.

  • VISIBILTY AND ACCESSIBILTY GO HAND IN HAND: V for Volatility, V for Visibility. A simple yet stand-out design, a swift and clean interface, a personal yet loud voice—are just some of the qualities your personalized app would need to communicate your intentions and gain your customers attention.Similarly, being accessible is another salient aspect which customers keep in mind before engaging with your business. Imagine this scenario, you have a great service available in New York City. Your potential customer loves your services and later in the conversation tell you that they are a tourist. Let's say, from Houston. You tell them you do provide your services in the city, but you are currently working on setting up an office. Since everything is mobile now, they ask you if you have an app. When you say no, they will instantly switch off and would look for another business that might be offering the same services of products. Had you had a mobile app, you would not have lost a valuable customer. Being a business owner means having to provide your customers a sense of comfort. That they can use your services in their own homes.Coding, design, developing and making sure your brand is promoted in the market the right way, is just the tip of the iceberg of what BluEnt has in store for you.

  • DIGITALIZE REWARDS/LOYALTY PROGRAMS: Look back in your life at all the times you missed the opportunity to avail a special discount just because you forgot the coupon on the kitchen counter just before leaving the house. If only, you had a mobile app which your customers could just click on and go to the rewards section in it to avail that discount which was going to expire the next day. Digitalizing the experience of your loyalty programs or reward points completely elevates consumer experience and will also save your customers from having a bad day. One more point to mobile apps.

  • NOBODY CALLS IN 2016: "Hello thank you for calling XYZ, your call is very valuable to us and so we are going to put you on hold for a million years until we get a hold of a technician to assist you. Also, l would like to remind you that if the call gets dropped 'accidently' you will have to go through the whole process again. Enter at your own risk, your time begins, now. *symphony no. 5 by Beethoven plays in the background*" This is the message that plays in the back of the heads of your customers when they realize that they will have to make a call to schedule an appointment or to give feedback. Break the pattern by creating an app that allows your customer to schedule an appointment or offer feedback without having them to call.

  • PUSH NOTIFICATIONS PULL IN CUSTOMERS: The email you sent to the mailing list you have up in your business' email id are not really reciprocated with the same enthusiasm you might have sent them out with. The most important function of Push Notifications is that they provide your customers with insights to upcoming sales and promotions, all just by touching the icon of your app. Push notifications facilitates direct interaction with your customers and keeps them more aware about the happenings of your business. Win-win situation, if you ask us.

  • BRAND RECOGNITION: Twitter—the moment you see or hear the word Twitter, the image of a little blue bird just pops up in our minds. This is the finest example of Brand Recognition. Being a brand that is easily recognized should be one of the biggest goals of a company. The more prominent and easy it is to recognize your brand; the more customers can relate with you better. A good app developer should be one who can create a strong brand recognition for you.

Having a good mobile app is probably one of the best gifts you can give to both, your business and your customers. It is understandable to be confused about how your app should look and be curated, but do not worry about that. Let us help you to help yourself.

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