21 Sep 2016

Don’t have a mobile app? This is what you’ll miss out on

The fancy looking device present in everybody's palms today has become the basis of all sorts of communication. Yes, we are talking about the mobile phone. From PokemonGo to a shopping online, everything is now available on these "smartphones." A study conducted by Gallop shows that most U.S Smartphone owners check their phones once on an hourly basis. Still not convinced that your business might need an app of its own? We wouldn't consider that to be a "smart decision."

There have been various studies which have shown that mobile media has been triumphant over desktop media in the present time, and are likely to keep that pace on the upwards. Statistics show that in the year 2016 alone, there have been a whopping 224,801 billion app downloads.

If that number has not yet impressed you, go on reading further to know what you will be