10 Jan 2017

Creating a Distinctive Social Media Application: Approach to Surpass The Dominant Players

Social media is a powerful tool transforming and redefining both businesses and marketing.

People love to be connected –they are predominantly connected to their family and friends through social media. They have accounts on multiple social media networks, each holding a different strategy and a purpose, and use them simultaneously.

For example, Facebook and Instagram are two very different social media platforms. While Instagram is about sharing pictures and GIF's, Facebook allows users to share almost everything. Hence, you find innumerable consumers having both Facebook and Instagram accounts and many more. There are professional networks like LinkedIn which is solely a business platform connecting organizations and employees. Hence, consumer engagement and networking via Internet is at its peak today.

It looks like that all the possibilities of social network and interaction have been covered and addressed. However, there are many novel and interesting ideas to create unique social network platforms that keep emerging. The more unique the idea is, the more appealing it becomes to the consumers. Here are a few fundamental components and the key elements in the development process that needs to be considered when building a social media application.

Key components of a social media app:

The existing social media: If you are building a social media application, you must acknowledge the other social media applications. With consumers being on many social media platforms, it is easier for the newer upcoming apps to sync the consumer's details with that on the other accounts.By using 'connect with' buttons consumers can sync their personal details and friend lists from their existing accounts.

Time to get 'social': The name says it all. A consumer's social media account is a reflection of who they are. Being a 'social' app, consumers expect some amount of liberty to voice their opinions and connect with their friends, family and colleagues at a deeper level. Keeping this in mind, when developing a social media application, you must remember to include features that allow users to be creative. Allowing users to customize when it comes to their pictures or names is one way for them to express themselves.

Exhibiting the newsfeed: With billions and trillions of users active on social media accounts, you can imagine the plethora of content that is shared on a regular basis. Thus, taking all the content into consideration, managing and organizing the news feed are significant.

Private messaging: Yes, people do love to share their views and significant moments of their lives with their networked friends. However, they also have things that need to be communicated privately. So instead of going to another application to hold a private discussion, they would be able to do so in the same platform. This means, they will use your application more extensively.

The two key essentials in the development process:

The growth strategy: Before you start application development, there are a couple of questions that you need to ask yourself and discuss with your team – "How is your app going to be different from the other existing media platforms? What is that unique feature in the application that will attract potential users?" - "How will your social media application benefit the users?" The answers to these questions will help you understand the other aspects: target audience, key performance indicators and requirements.

Design process: There are multiple steps involved in the design process such as sketching, wire-framing and prototyping. Each of the steps is equally important. They help you form the basic outline of your application yet to be developed, visualize the structure of your application and also create a working model of the application. All the steps give you a better understanding of the product. It gives you a chance to make modifications before the coding process starts saving you both time and money.

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